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  1. hey, how ya been?? if you have facebook, a bunch of people made a rww alumni page.

  2. ...................which sucks because I don't know which game to buy tickets for. Can't afford season tickets! GRRRRRRRRRrrr.....
  3. I got the email today about the pre-sale that starts tomorrow and it mentions Opening Night, New Year's Eve, and Steve Yzerman Night. Does anyone know what and when the Yzerman night is?? I was thinking it was a misprint or something.
  4. I don't live in Baltimore but I'll be there next week. If the series goes more than 5 games I'll either watch from my hotel or find a place to watch it. I will be wearing my Wings jersey with pride around Baltimore.
  5. That's funny!! Way to go! I've been to Washington, PA. Didn't really enjoy it at all! =-)
  6. NO! We were just there before Christmas. That sucks!
  7. Fanatic U in Garden City is also a good place for stuff. It's not too far from Wayne. It's on Ford Rd. There is also two sports stores in Westland. One is in the Westland Mall and the other is right across the street from the mall on Warren Ave. I was also going to mention that Metro Airport had some great shirts and hats from Winter Classic. I think the hats were about 30.00 and they had a nice long sleeve shirt for 25.00.
  8. I think you did the right thing by not asking for autograph with his kids there. Saying hello would have been Ok, but I know I probably would have frozen up as well. I had a similar situation this year on the Victory parade day. My friend and I were eating at Andiamo's in the Rencen and in walked Scotty Bowman and his family. We debated going up to him and saying Hi and get an autograph. I snapped a picture with my crapy cell phone camera. You can barely tell its him. We never said hello or anything but it was just cool that he was there.
  9. I think you'd be the only one with no Ticketmaster on it. I was looking at mine wondering how I can file it off or something.
  10. Wow, thanks. I hope his daughter gets well soon.
  11. I didn't get to watch any pre-game and not much of the game, so I didn't hear why Larry Murphy wasn't there. Does anyone know why? Personally I enjoyed Craig Simpson! I liked him when he was a player and he does a good job commentating.
  12. I'm glad they took this script off of this site. I totally don't agree with it. Even though I'd like to see an all Wings starting lineup it's cheating and it's not right.
  13. He has been playing great! He's picked up where he left off last spring. I admit I have a bit of a crush as well. He's a cutie!