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  1. Hossa's agent is floored by his client's behaviour

    It's like politians. are they in office to serve us, or to serve themselves? Hossa'a agents job is to best serve Marion, not himself. Follow Marion's wishes. It's a very sad day in America, where he [the agent] is only realizing roughly 2 mil. instead of possibly 20.
  2. Little Ty Conklin Preview

    With the Wing's defence, Conklin should sparlkle. maybe we can being back Shanahan;s "irish Jig" after a great save. It's all good!
  3. Bettman tells Burke and Lowe to simmer down

    I think Burle should get an extra ten year major for instigating.
  4. Hossa's agent is floored by his client's behaviour

    Besides the possible" 08 Cup"I think it bears mentioning that Hossa saw first hand, how the Wings hung together like family. They took their play-off losses as the cost of doing business. The Pens however, were pointing the finger at ever one, [except the Pope] for each loss. If you were a professional, making a thousand dollars for every dollar the regular person makes, and your name on the Cup remains until the end of time, which team would you pick?
  5. ESPN's Scott Burnside's Instant Analysis

    In the play-offs, against Detroit, Hossa was the best defensive forward the Pens had. Isn't curious how the Pens free agents are jumping ship, even with the Pens offering the same oyher teams are offering. Could it be a case of Crosbyitus.
  6. Leafs Buyout Tucker

    I want to ask this question of our leaf followers on the board: Why are all the Leaf fans all excited about Fletcher? Maybe I am way off but the last time Fletcher was GM in Toronto, it didn't seem like he did anything that great. Please brrig me up to date. Thanks.
  7. Red Wings to carry enforcer.

    I know D-Mac is a fan favorite and rightfully so, but it is time to move on. It was a class act by the front office to bring hom back and give him the chance for another ring. D-Mac was playing last season on adrenaline. He doesn't have any speed any more and in the play-offs, he took some bad penalties because the opposition was going around hom and he couldn't keep up. As far as Darren's fighting ability, he was never a heavy weight and the one fight he got into, the hands and reaction time looked slow. Let's leave good enough alone and let Darren go into retirement with his head held high.
  8. Sundin Headed to Free Agency

    Fletcher knows Sundin is not coming back and he is just trying to do some "damagr-loss control", so he doesn't look bad, for letting Mats go.
  9. Better luck next time

    Must be a case of "night vision".
  10. Better luck next time

    Must be a case of "might vision".
  11. Better luck next time

    To Gary Bettman [mimi-me], the NHL, and the Stanley Cup referees: "Better LUCK NEXT TIME". The Wings were just to much and refused toi be beat down.
  12. Refs: No Accountability

    I might have misunderstood, but I thought in another post [i think it was the kicking at the Pens goaler] you said you hadn't seen the game?
  13. Thank you all for a wonderful time!

    God Bless you. Stay strong, stay positive.
  14. Crosby post game Q and A

    I was against giving Crosby the Captaincy this year as well considering how young he was, but its hard to argue with the job he's done leading his team to the SCF in only his 3rd year in the league. I don't really know what if anything was said to Z at the end of the game so I can't comment on its relevance. Maybe it looked bad but I'd say that kind of thing happens a lot in this league. Sid is a fiesty guy and hates to lose, so maybe he was just letting off a little steam there. As for whether he will give credit to Detroit at the end I can almost guarantee that, although for Wing fans I'm not sure why they give a damn anyways what happens since raising the Cup means everything compared to what Crosby thinks of his opponent after its all over. And just to let everyone know too, take a big guess what the quotes were from Sidney and the entire Pens team when we were steamrolling our way to the finals on the winning side of every game....exactly the same credit giving as Detroit players and coaches give to the Pens right now, big surprise. It is infinitely easier to give credit and accolades to your opponent when your on the winning side than vice versa, just keep that in mind when you want to micro-analyze every little quote coming out of the players mouths. Maybe you can shed some light on the Crosby becoming captain sistuation. I have been told by a few people, that he had let it be known to the organization, that he would like to be captain. Do you know if this is indeed fact or not. Going into this series, this whole 'Crosby Thing" was very interesting., You would here all the PR from the league, promoting Sid and itself, but we also heard a lot of negative stories also. Being involved in a series, Red Wing fans can now judge first hand for themselves and not have to rely on commercials or reported stories, I think you are right in that Crosby wasn't ready to be captain. Please don't take offense, I know this will seem biased coming from a Wing fan but you can't confuse being competitve with constant complaining and not confuse constant complaing with leadership. Coach Marc Crawford used [especially when he coached the Aves]. to do the same thing with the Refs. It came out later how a lot of his players were actually embarrased instead of motivated by it. He ended up also losing a lot of respect and creditability around the league.
  15. Holmstrom: Wings practicing as if he won't play

    I just wonder if it was Steven..... woopps Sidney Crosby that had taken the same check by Kronwell,instead of Homer by Gill, if it, a[ wouldn't have been called and b] the NHL wouldn't have been looking at it for a suspension? Same with Franzen and the deliberate punches to the head, after being out so long with concussion-like symthoms.