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  1. I have MalwareBytes and it came back with a few files and registry keys (they said something about Amazon in them) that were removed, but nothing serious beyond that. I don't even use Yahoo mail so I dunno about that haha. If I see the malware page again I'll post here again.
  2. Actually, I was just going to make a thread about this, because it happens to me on Chrome once in awhile as well. I open the tab and instead I see "urgent Chrome update" and a "Download Now" button. Obviously I don't click it and if I just close the tab and re-open it LGW loads fine. I've ran my malware scanner on my computer and it's clean, and it only happens on this site. My AdBlocker is actually on as well. I was leaving it off on here but I turned it back on after I started seeing this thinking it was an ad causing it, but nope, it still happens. Here's a screenshot of what I see and I left the URL in just in case Matt needs to see it:
  3. wingsgirl001

  4. Whoa, looks fancy! Nice job, thanks for all the hard work! Congrats on 20 years!
  5. Trade

    I never thought I'd see the words "Pavel Datsyuk has been traded" and think it was a good thing. Good job, Kenny, now let's go get Stamkos.
  6. I haven't updated this thing in 3 years. Whoops. :P

  7. Ehhh... it could have been worse. The LCA rolls nicely off the tongue and I've seen people throwing around "The Oven" as a nickname, which sounds ominous and kind of bad ass. I'll miss not having a corporate name but I can deal with this.
  8. I think I'll go with #4 as well, I laughed when I saw it! Nice job!
  9. GDT

    Omg, I love this Let's go Wings!
  10. Wow, congrats!
  11. Wow, 20 years, that's awesome! Congrats Matt!
  12. I sat in my chair after the credits started rolling and just said "Whoa...." I couldn't even get up right away. I'm definitely going to need to see it again, might wait until after Christmas though.
  13. saw it at 7:30 walked out of the theater in a daze oh man, it is SO. FREAKING. GOOD. I need like 3 years to process everything.
  14. GDT

    That was awesome! Excellent GDT!
  15. same here, I think they're kinda cool. The giant numbers on the sleeves are a bit much, but other than that, I like them.