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  1. YzerTinov

  2. Canada has it all.

    Well regardless who's booed what before. The sens fans at game 3 were abt as class as I can remember seeing. I was at the game, and while we didnt sing the american anthem the way we sung the canadian one, at that game you could clearly hear the canadian crowd singing along to the american anthem as well and then a cheer afterwards. Then came the canadian anthem, and you couldn't even hear Lindon Slewidge singing it. One of the coolest things I've ever been present to hear/see.
  3. Yzerman's Team Canada wins gold at WHC!

  4. What a crock of ... It

    Im actually very excited to see what TSN and Off the Record have to say about this. Should be interesting. Babcock and Carlyle too.
  5. What a crock of ... It

    I dont agree with you in saying that the NHL is a joke. It is a great league that fights for many good things. Hahah like fighting for example. The fact that they have not erased that from teh game despite onslaught from some of the media is a testament to how good our league really is. They clearly do sit down to consider the rules and changes because they made rule changes after the lockout. Most of which are good changes. I personally dont mind no touch icing, I mean i agree its dangerous, but a lot of great plays and things develop from the race. Sometimes it may not look like the other team has a chance at it, and sometimes they end up getting it. Bettman and the board of governors are not a joke. They are heavily scrutinized by everyone. Basically anytime anything is wrong in the eyes of anyone, they take heat. And anytime they do something great, they get almost no credit. People blame Bettman for the lockout. I think thats wrong. The salary cap was necessary. And if the players could have sucked it up and accepted that they woulda saved themselves and the league as a whole money. People say parity sucks. But honestly, North America loves the NFL and why? Because general managing actually mattters. Every season there is so much change in the offseason, and thats what makes it exciting, because your team has a chance to redefine itself every year. AND, in teh even of a dynasty its a far bigger deal. It means you have the best organizatino from top to bottom. Ah well, that is a piece of what i think of the nhl. hahah All of the above IMO
  6. What a crock of ... It

    Yeah, Im happy going to anaheim 1-1. Its not so much this individual game as it is a flaw like this in teh way the game is called. They always talk abt video review as being there to make sure the right call is made. And in this case it facilitated and caused the wrong call to be made. I almost think that reffing should be like court. If its clear that the goalie was shoved in the video, and they are unable to comment on whether the goalie was shoved but it is clear that it shouldnt be a goal. Why dont they have teh power to set a precedent if all the refs agree (who knows if they all did) and Toronto agrees on the phone. This sort of thing could prevent a whole lot of debate.
  7. What a crock of ... It

    Just to appease this ducks fan. "We'll get em next game" Still doesnt change my opinion on the matter. If you think that call doesn't deserve discussion you are a very confused individual
  8. What a crock of ... It

    The fact that they used to be able to review whether A SKATE was in the crease before the puck entered. And that in reality they cant review whether the goalie was shoved in is hilarious. Hey, in football cant they review whether a receiver gets shoved out of teh endzone on a catch? I see this as pretty much the exact same situation. I hope they have a nice talk about this rule in the offseason and it gets changed because this shouldnt have to happen again. And usually i hate debating the rules, Im a big time traditionalist.
  9. What a crock of ... It

    The game wouldnt have necessarily ended up 3-2, honestly it coulda ended up 4-3 for anaheim. BUT, that goal wouldnt have been one of them. To say the rest of the NHL saw that was a goal is straight up false. Even after several looks pretty much all of the analysts agreed that he was shoved into the net after a save, and that it shouldnt have been a goal.
  10. What a crock of ... It

    Nah i don't blame overall officiating, it is a tough job. But things this big dont usually happen. A missed hooking call or a phantom hooking call don't equal a goal. This goal may have changed the outcome of the game beyond the control of the players. Its not like a phantom penalty where you can kill off a penalty... once they called it a goal, its a goal... ridiculous
  11. What a crock of ... It

    Because its no longer a good game, when a blunder this big on the part of the refs and the league as a whole flies under the radar. It was plain to see that should not have been a goal. And it completely changed the momentum of the game.
  12. What a crock of ... It

    well, hopefully it doesn't end up mattering. But, Im more than a little pissed. The announcer may say the ducks controlled this game. But I'd say other than the first, we had as many quality chances as they did, maybe more. Just straight up ridiculous that this call occurred.
  13. What a crock of ... It

    Ok, so maybe they can only review whether its in the net, and not whether the goalie was pushed in. But, you can bet the only reason they didnt bother to call Hasek being pushed on the play was because they didnt think it was worthwhile bc they didnt think the puck had gone in... So.. if they didnt think it was in then why the hell didnt they whistle the play down when they lost sight of the puck... and whne it was no longer loose for like 2 seconds. In the words of Lindy Ruff "This is a JOKE"
  14. What Pav and Sammy Got....

    Im gonna have to agree. I went to school in london and went to my share of knights games. He will run his yap. But wont go into face to face contact. Usually if you hit him he'll fire back with a slash or something. Talented as ever. But man such a baby.
  15. USA vs. Canada

    Get er' done Canada!