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  1. Filpula and Cleary's point totals

    I believe Flip's point totals would be better if Hossa wasn't here, so as long as we're winning I'm not going to complain too much. We all know he has the talent, so if someone in the top 6 goes down, we know they're there to step up. But then again, Huds is having a great season, so Flip should step it up soon.
  2. Rumor: Hossa leaving after this season

    Before the season even started, I had assumed Hossa wouldn't be back, we just can't afford to keep him and the rest of the team intact. Now that his numbers have exploded it only reinforces my thoughts before the season. Lets just enjoy him as a Wing while he is here. I actually prefer to know he won't be back so we don't have to keep worrying how we'll keep him and everyone else. As for him and Gaborik coming together as a package deal, I'm not sure I believe this one, but I guess its possible. That would possibly be $20 million tied up in 2 players each season. As a GM, that would really make putting the rest of the team together very difficult.
  3. Strachan: Detroit may lose team

    I hear ya there, but all I ask is you consider them next time you look to buy a car. Detroit will never lose its stigma unless you give them a chance. Their advances in quality are proof that they want the American car buyer back, so all we need now is to have the American car buyer's perception improve of Detroit's 3.
  4. Strachan: Detroit may lose team

    What is your point? And no, I didn't vote for Obama either, I voted third party. It scares me we have ignorant people in this country like yourself.
  5. Strachan: Detroit may lose team

    He may have had some typos, but what in his message implied he was a McCain supporter? That kind of division is exactly what this country does NOT need right now. And for the record before you label me, I didn't vote for Mccain
  6. Strachan: Detroit may lose team

    I will say you also make some good points. Both Asian and American companies make some good cars and some not-so-good cars. But what you're saying is ALSO a horrible generalization. The Japanese may make some of their cars in the US, but they are still engineered in Japan and the profits also go to Japan. So, spare me the cop-out that buying an Accord or Civic made in Ohio is so American. Its great you're buying those cars, they are quality-made and designed cars. But your generalization that American cars are loaded with Chinese made parts doesn't really examine it all that well. Many of the parts that go in American cars still come from North American suppliers. Some of those American suppliers have plants in China, so some may come from there. But you're never going to convince me that buying a foreign car is somehow keeping more money in the US. I'm not trying to make excuses here, the American car companies have made some poor quality vehicles in the past and focused on high-profit truck-like vehicles. But in order to maintian profit levels and pay for legacy costs (i.e. health care for retirees, pensions, etc.) the Detroit 3 didn't have much of a choice. They tried to be tough with the UAW in 1998 to cut costs down but the union stood right up and said no because times were good then. Times aren't so good now, and I don't think we should scapegoat the UAW but they definitely had a hand in this. We ceded the car market to the Japanese and South koreans. The only way we pull even with them is just build good quality cars, and the rest will take care of itself. Like I said before, the Volt will make a huge impact, most notably because if it is successful GM can transfer that technology into all of their vehicles. As for quality, look at a Chevy Malibu. Your Consumer Reports raves about it, and they should, its a great car. If you want to buy a Japanese car, then go for it. I don't think its somehow unpatriotic to buy a Toyota or Honda, they make great cars. I just am sick of hearing that Asian car companies build higher quality cars, because thats just not the case anymore. Its a problem of perception, and it will take time to make a difference. I personally think Consumer Reports does still bias for the Japanese simply because they've built good quality for so long, its probably hard for them to realize Detroit 3 quality is just as good. I also think its an issue that the Japanese continue to build upon their quality, so according to their charts the Japanese should be better. I know Chrysler's quality is below Honda, Toyota, GM and Ford according to Consumer Reports. But I've been in a number of new Chrysler vehicles, and I don't see the quality problem. No owners I know of are complaining. Again, this is all an issue of perception. As long as they build quality cars, the perception problem will take care of itself. Just give Detroit cars a shot, I know some think its cool to drive Japanese cars. But I don't look at cars as status symbols, thats sad if you do. They are a utility. Like Ford says.... Drive One.
  7. Strachan: Detroit may lose team

    Thats a very good point. A lot of people tend to blame a number of factors on the downfall of Detroit, such as foreign competition or the UAW. It is true those factors have a serious effect. But I think the biggest reason Detroit's automakers have struggled is this perception that American cars are inferior. 60% of new car buyers automatically think Detroit's cars are inferior to Japanese/South Korean imports. In the past, this claim was probably true, but Detroit's cars have pulled even with everyone as far as quality. The problem now is convincing people. Freep.com has a great article on this, check it out - http://www.freep.com/article/20081109/BUSI...1/1002/BUSINESS Before anyone thinks I work for these companies, I'll stop you right there. I'm actually a third-year law student who goes to school in Detroit. I want so much for these companies to succeed. I really hope the perception changes. I think cars like the Volt will go a long way to change the image of Detroit's cars. Look at Ford, for example, their quality now is equal with Toyota. They just have to get in the minds of American car buyers. I seriously doubt they move the arena out to a burb. The Palace is the last one you'll see out in a burb. I think Illitch already has land picked out for the new arena over by Fox Theatre across I-75, I just think they're holding off to wait for the economy to rebound.
  8. Jagr signs in Russia

    oh there is no doubt he will be a first ballot hall-of-famer, but it doesn't change the fact that he fell short of his potential as a leader
  9. Jagr signs in Russia

    Jagr, in my opinion, is probably the most talented individual to play the game in the modern era but didn't really have the heart to become a legend. If there was ever a time I ever agreed with Barry Melrose(which is VERY rarely), it was his criticism of Jagr. He never wanted to lead which was a waste, and his teammates and coaches always wanted him to. He is a great player, but he clipped his own wings from ever getting to legendary status. Have fun in Russia.
  10. Russian League poised to offer Malkin $12.5 mill/yr

    I agree, its hard to really understand what he is going through. He is halfway around the world away from his home. Of course the NHL is the best hockey league in the world, no one is disputing that. But put yourself in his shoes. He has the option to be in his home country earning a huge salary. He'll have to balance that with living in the US and still making good money while competing with worldwide top talent vs. Russian-only talent. I'm not going to knock on him if he leaves; it will be unfortunate for the league for him to go, but if he has a real competitive spirit, I think he'll stay. Its really good money/glory in the most talented league in the world vs. insanely good money/competing in your homeland
  11. Higher All Time Ranking: Yzerman or Lidstrom?

    I think Pronger, Neidermayer, Phaneuf, Gonchar, Chara and Rafalski all qualify as elite defenders, so don't give me that. While some of these guys may not have won the Norris(yet), it doesn't mean we aren't in an era where defensemen aren't elite.
  12. Higher All Time Ranking: Yzerman or Lidstrom?

    Like the above says, this is hard to compare because they played different positions. Yzerman had tons of talent but completely changed his game when Bowman arrived so he could switch to a two-way player. So, his stats came down in the early 90s due to that. I really think Yzerman was a truly great player, and an even better leader(so very humbled, even at his retirement ceremony), but I'm going to have to say Lidstrom. The reason he hardly ever got hurt was because he knew how to play that way, its not just luck, this guy ALWAYS knows where to be on the ice, as a pure defensemen he is the greatest of all time. Orr will be better known because he scored a lot more, but speaking from a purely defense perspective, its not even close, Lidstrom wins hands down.
  13. Radio Broadcast of game.

    that truly brought tears to my eyes, last night I really lost it but that got me close again. I don't care what anyone says, this team will go down as one of the best & hungriest teams in our franchise's history. '97 was super special because it had been so long, but this one just seems so satisfying, especially after Monday's loss. I've never been the type to cry or get teary-eyed, but this team brought it all out.
  14. Hossa/Ozzie Handshake

    I agree, he's now pretty much put himself as the #1 commodity on July 1. I always viewed him as a talented but soft player, this series completely changed my opinion. If Pittsburgh can find a way to keep this team together they are surely becoming a dynasty. I'm just glad we got this done, my stomach was developing an ulcer.
  15. ESPN's PTI

    They are an entertaining crew to watch. But they are definitely a bunch of ignorant nut jobs when it comes to hockey. I cringe when I hear them discuss anything about it. At least when John Clayton(AKA "I've never played a down of football in my life" but apparently I'm an expert on it) speaks, he knows what he is talking about and has some shred of intelligence about the sport he covers.