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  1. Jason Spezza, Rick DiPietro, Shanny, Manny Legace, J. Staal.
  2. That is what he had up in Traverse with him this year. A black and grey H2.
  3. Wow. That was amazing!!! Great game all around by all the Tigs. My heart was racing so fast from like the 7th on. I think I was more nervous just now than throughout all of the playoffs last year. Really great to see....good for Justin and good for the Tigers!!
  4. I was gonna go with a much younger Todd Jones, but I see what you're sayin there.
  5. Beat me to it...I was gonna say the exact same thing! And as Lou said, funny, considering your name
  6. Josh Langfield? I'll agree with Rabs and Reem on this one!
  7. I have to work today but I got scheduled for an earlier shift than usual, so I get out at 9. I also have Thursday it seems that someone obviously wants me to see these games. By me having Thurs off, it feels like a game 7 guarantee to me. Dunno why. Here's hoping!! Go Wings!
  8. I'll third that!
  9. Well he wasn't to me anyway...but thats just my experience lol
  10. True! He's not rude or anything, but he has a mood around him. It's funny actually!
  11. I totally agree...I got a text from the detnews this morning saying Dats was re-signed and I had to come on here to make sure it was true. Very very good news to wake up to.
  12. hahaha That's our Dom!
  13. Lapointe and Draper. Both white and covered in autos.
  14. What can I say? Ancient Mesopotamia is boring.