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  1. Your most memorable 2008 Playoff moment?

    My most memorable moment? Listening to Ferrall call game 5 on Sirius as I hurtled down the freeway to get home from work and watch it.
  2. Rank The Red Wings Stanley Cups

    97 - Obvious (5 wings) 08 - Reminiscent of 97 in that there was that real FIRE from the players to win it (5 wings) 02 - Not sure why most people are dogging this. Sure, our team was loaded, but that Colorado series was by no means a given and is one of the best 7 games series in hockey in the last 20 years, EASY. Plus we got to beat the Faux-Wings in the finals. (4.5 wings) 98 - Great, as every victory is. But just not as magical as any of the others. (4 wings) The definitive answer. You're welcome.
  3. Z's goal number 1

    As if any of us KNOWS it was intentional or not. Whole lot of certainty in here from the peanut gallery. Looks to me like he intentionally shot it, but he never meant to roof it. In fact, if you pay attention, the puck goes in off the tender. It wasn't a direct roofination. All IMHO, of course.
  4. Post-GAME 4: Red Wings 3, Sharks 2 (OT)

    Unbelieveable game. I am amazed that these are actually our Red Wings... coming back from behind with heart, grit and determination when it counts. Good job boys! And to Lang: This night, you'll hear no more complaints from me. I still think you've seriously undeperformed and taken up a valuable roster slot, but that goal (provided DET wins this series) could be every bit as big as Lid's goal against Vancouver. Thank you!