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  1. This is my little sister. Everyone who visits here should be nice to her whether they like me or not.

  2. [GDT] 10/3 - Red Wings, 3 @ Blues, 5 (Stockholm)

    Some trivia for those who are curious: the CBC commentator is Cassie Campbell, who was a three time olympian and captain for the Canadian Women's team. Now back to our wings...
  3. Championship parade

    I'd love to see it too! Anyone?
  4. Official Red Wings Parade Chat

    Does anyone know if this will be re-broadcast or available online for losers like me who couldn't watch it live? HELP!
  5. Thanks for the info. I'd switch to Direct TV, but I already paid for this season's Center Ice and the NBA packages on Dish Network. Can anyone confirm they are getting NHL Network on Dish Network HD? It may be the time to move up to HD. I've asked Dish Network people and they still don't know what I'm talking about...
  6. Does anyone have it on Dish Network? I'm getting nervous...
  7. Center Ice on Dish Network

    Well, I'm making progress... I found out today that Dish Network is offering Center Ice (Whew!). Then I asked if it included the NHL Network and the person on the line had no idea what I was talking about. I'm holding off until I know for sure...
  8. Center Ice on Dish Network

    Thanks to those who have replied so far! I'll be one mad momma if they can't get it all worked out! I live in the boonies and only get to one live game a year. I can't live without Center Ice!
  9. Center Ice on Dish Network

    I called Dish Network to order my Center Ice package for this year and they said it wasn't available for purchase yet because they were still negotiating with the NHL. YIKES! Should I be panicked? I've had Center Ice with Dish Network the past few years, enjoyed it, and never had a problem. Has anyone else heard anything from Dish Network?
  10. 2006-7 season recap- the musical

    This made my day! Fantastic job!
  11. Lidstrom is a FATHEAD!

    HOORAY! I'm going to attach it to my blow-up doll! cuddle cuddle!
  12. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to satisfy your wife's libido so she won't run off with a teammate" by Janney.
  13. book titles you'll never see...

    "How to make sweet love to a woman" by Paul Kariya