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  1. i believe this means you're not.
  2. this completely. dirty ass s***. don't make this about something that it's not.
  3. anybody scroll down and see the sabres new 3rd jersey? soooo nice.
  4. did i miss something?
  5. now im getting scared that it seems a grand total of three people have noticed that haha it was kinda sexual in a way.. aha i love sammy
  6. biggest lol is that me and that guy seem to be the only ones noticing that sammy rape of an av i liked it i didnt get it but i liked it.
  7. Ales is pretty damn good. Pavel minus the confidence = Hemsky
  8. And he's a Wings fan. Cool.
  9. the thing i couldn't get over was that in all the coverage i saw of the game, which was mainly focused on cleary and prongers fight to begin with; never did anyone mention the fact that pronger is a half-foot taller than cleary.. and that until the very end dan put up a very even fight. i mean.. good job pronger?
  10. Exactly, stats are meaningless. Unless you don't actually watch the wings. (i look at stats for the rest of the league as i obviously can't watch all of the games) But since I never miss a wings game, stats mean absolutely nothing. If you know hockey and watch the redwings consistently you should realize that datsyuk has been at the least as effective as hank this season. Dats absolutely dominates the puck, all of the time. Without that prescence on the ice with him, Z wouldn't be having nearly the statistical cumtastic explosion that he is having. P.S. I origionally hated datsyuk, and since his first season i've said that Hank is my favorite wing and i love the way he plays. But these are just the facts.
  11. ahahahahaha very good.
  12. that's actually very valid, thick, multi-woven hockey socks do provide some level of protection against glancing blows from a skate. and really glancing blows are the vast majority of what occurs. skaters hardly ever are attacked or even just directly impacted with skates so the force is never that strong. for gods sake it's the same technology as they used to make cloth armor with in the middle ages, it's not woven nearly as tightly; but it still provides some level of protection.
  13. Drunk?