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  1. Ahahahahaaaaaa
  2. yay
  3. I am desperately seeking a copy of this game. If anyone can help, or maybe an invite to I would be forever grateful.
  4. Like the Montreal fan one better. Shoulda had the bear maul a look-a-like girl.
  5. Mickey on a west coast trip? Awesome.
  6. When FSD? When will you fix this audio? Can you not hear it? It's been weeks.
  7. Then it must have been repainted? I'm sure I remember a picture of a modern mask for him, and it featured a wizard. (Wizard of Oz)
  8. Just getting into Xbox Live, gamertag is bjmcdevitt Mostly just been playing Rock Band and Rock Band - The Beatles, but looking at other games to get hooked on as well.
  9. It's a bit different seeing a goal celebrated, and there's not lights flashing and flames shooting out of a dragon's ass or something.
  10. Nice to hear them play "Detroit '67" by Sam Roberts in the arena during the break! Really wish they would have embraced that song at the Joe.
  11. Ticker showing Detroit as the home team? Also, GOAL!!!
  12. Ah what the hell?!?!? I got like 5 audio feeds now? A bunch on interviews??? Oops, looks like I moused over something I shouldn't have. My bad.
  13. The female anthem singer was cute!!!
  14. Anyone else watching the HD feed over Directv - is your audio feed choppy? I noticed this as well during the delayed broadcast of the Wings/Leafs game. The audio on the SD feed is fine.