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  1. Hopefully he will improve!
  2. He deserves every single decibel of booing!
  3. STOP blaming the refs! Wings need to play better. Period. In a seven game series refs are not going to decide series.
  4. Wings are pulling a Vancouver (vs Chi game 4)
  5. Channel 441 Blacked out!
  6. Is any one not getting the FSN HD feed. I am only getting the SD. Dish Network!
  7. MULER
  8. FSD F'UP First NO HD then showing 3-1 when it is 2-1
  10. NO HD FEED?
  11. Another great call by Gord Miller! TSN Rocks!
  12. Kenny and Mickey are definitely UP there. My fav canadian PBP is Gord Miller on TSN. And for those who love Thorne/Clement, during the Wings/Avs rivalry years, their lovefest for AVs on ESPN was painful to watch.
  13. Any updates or ideas for suffering fans like me! Someone should pay for my suffering!
  14. Can we go for a class action lawsuit against fox or dish, or they are too protected and powerful! Any lawyers on forum?