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  1. It really comes down to you want top 6 forward or #3-4 defencemen. I personally would rather have the top 6 forward because we know lidstrom can make one of our scrubs (lebda) look like top 4 material when paired together.
  2. get some ******* balls wings god knows you havent the last 2 games.
  3. It is no ones fault but the wings, yes they did dominate them and maybe it was not a penalty on datsyuk but that should not matter the wings should of gotten more then 1 goal.
  4. This is f***ng bulls*** if the ducks win all 3 of there wins are crap. Refs gave them game 2 and we DOMINATE the ducks in game 4 and 5 makes me sick.
  5. this series should be ******* over the refs gave them game 2 and hasek was totally out of rythem tonight.
  6. this lose is completely on hasek i mean ******* really 5 goals on ******* 21 shots give me a ******* break hasek.
  7. This is bulls*** man shots are 36 -18 wings and we are loseing this s*** ALWAYS HAPPENS.
  8. bad game by zetterberg, datsyuk, calder and horrible game by lang, sammy, holmstrom.
  9. We are going to be royaly screwed in 2 years when we have to resign zetterberg....tampa bay anyone?
  10. I love datsyuk and I wanted him to resign as much as anyone but I would not of gave him 7 years if I still ended up paying him over 6 mil i would of paid him 6.5 for 5 years but not 7. Holland should of got some kind of discount for signing him to that long of a contract.
  11. This is the dumbest ******* rumor I EVER heard coming from anyone. This puts me over the top with eklund im never even going to look at his s*** again. Why would the wings trade for a goalie who is in the same boat as howard and howard is even the better goalie and he's not even getting serious consideration from the wings to even play backup this coming year. How stupid.
  12. lol...thats what im thinking, Draper is not even a 2nd line center and I have to think they can get way more then draper for biron. Thats what makes me think this report is bogus.
  13. Out of all the Dmen listed only kindl and kronwall have the potential to be 1-2 everyone else is 5-6 dmen.
  14. Ya, im really looking forward to filppula, hudler, and grigs to be on the wings next year and kindl and mcgrath to be in GR also I hope liv is the backup with the wings or if hes not ready the backup in GR. I like our team next year Z-Dats-Grigs Hudler-Lang-Shanny Sammy-Filppula-holmstrom malts-draper-williams or franzen If shanny dont come back sign a scoreing winger in FA thats a pretty cheap team upfront.