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  1. Lets Go Wings! :siren:
  2. I think that´s the way to do it. Experience counts more than ever now. It would be awesome to have Drapes with his faceoff skills back.
  3. Lets go wings! And as usual I have to leave for work in the middle of the third period... The time difference really sucks...
  4. That was one of the most ridiculous calls I´ve ever seen..... Wtf...
  6. I live in Sweden. This was during the 97-98 season. I was at this particular night visiting my parents and my dad just got these new sportchannels. That night they showed Red wings vs Chicago. At that point I had never watched NHL at all. I was stunned.... Detroit played as I´ve always wanted my domestic team to play. I ended up watching the entire game and just kept smiling. Things didn´t get worse when I saw that the wheel in the red wings logo looked exactly the same as the spare rims for my newly purchased camaro. Unfortunately the first playoffs I could follow in its entirety was the -02 season. If the games weren´t televised I used NHL-radio. because of time zones, games here in Europe (usually) are broadcasted after midnight so I was in constant insomnia during the playoffs... It was definitely worth it!
  7. I´d love to see Z as captain. He leads by example like Yzerman does.
  8. Boston-Rangers begin in 20. Well, something to watch at least...