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  1. Groan they sucked last night. If they can't get better the sharks will crush us.
  2. Just cross the river in a private boat
  3. Out of first round if the playoffs at least
  4. I started a similar thread yesterday and it was removed w/o a word as to why. So I expect this one to have the same fate. But I feel that nic needs to be more of a hardass. If the mod who killed my thread w/o an explaination would let me know what there problem is that'd be nice too.
  5. Franzen pulled kane's mouthguard. He stays.
  6. make way for Jellytoast!
  7. Yeah one time I made JEDI blow him because he has less teeth than I do. JEDI is such a ******* little ***** like that.
  8. Franzen better watch tfo. Those mouthguards are like 3.00 each. Cain is probably super pissed about that.
  9. Buttman is a butthole.
  10. Hossa is a REAL bust this playoff run. Why should we sign a no show?
  11. The gr griffons are whuppin them and you are crying about the minor league scrubs who are dominating? Pass the bong!
  12. SO does anyone have a vid of Kane picking up his mouthguard after Fonzie skated over it?
  13. Thanks that cleared it right up. Pound another huber bock withya
  14. Doesn't two misconducts in a game mean an automatic one game suspension?
  15. Good to see the buttman ruining another one. How the f*** can he be such a douch? I blame the officals for not speaking out against his collusion. Buttman is a f***wad I hope he gets ass cancer b