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  1. Reasons why Wings are down 0-2

    Groan they sucked last night. If they can't get better the sharks will crush us.
  2. Passport from canada to go watch wings game

    Just cross the river in a private boat
  3. Bertuzzi Suspension Prediction/ No Suspension Per League

    Out of first round if the playoffs at least
  4. What can Lidstrom do to fire up the boys?

    I started a similar thread yesterday and it was removed w/o a word as to why. So I expect this one to have the same fate. But I feel that nic needs to be more of a hardass. If the mod who killed my thread w/o an explaination would let me know what there problem is that'd be nice too.
  5. Trade Franzen for a goalie? haha

    Franzen pulled kane's mouthguard. He stays.
  6. Paul Kelly Officially Fired

    make way for Jellytoast!
  7. McCarty likely to retire

    Yeah one time I made JEDI blow him because he has less teeth than I do. JEDI is such a ******* little ***** like that.
  8. Patrick Kane Arrested

    Franzen better watch tfo. Those mouthguards are like 3.00 each. Cain is probably super pissed about that.
  9. Bettman's Salary.....

    Buttman is a butthole.
  10. Questions about Hossa and Pittsburg

    Hossa is a REAL bust this playoff run. Why should we sign a no show?
  11. Is anyone else underwhelmed by Leino?

    The gr griffons are whuppin them and you are crying about the minor league scrubs who are dominating? Pass the bong!
  12. Franzen takes Kane's mouthguard

    SO does anyone have a vid of Kane picking up his mouthguard after Fonzie skated over it?
  13. Eager automatic suspension

    Thanks that cleared it right up. Pound another huber bock withya
  14. Eager automatic suspension

    Doesn't two misconducts in a game mean an automatic one game suspension?
  15. WCF GAME 3 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Blackhawks 4 (OT)

    Good to see the buttman ruining another one. How the f*** can he be such a douch? I blame the officals for not speaking out against his collusion. Buttman is a f***wad I hope he gets ass cancer b