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  1. The only way to recover from these bad contracts is to replace the man giving them.
  2. Could care less about Ott, Miller, Shehan or Jurco. Tired of sitting on talent and fielding bad teams because kids have GR options left. AA Mantha both belong on this team just like Larkin did last year, period.
  3. MileHighWingsGuy

  4. AA and Mantha aren't good enough...they tried talking themselves outta Larkin last year. These guys are idiots.
  5. Ah yes a Cleary update, what would a RedWings offseason be without that? Sign KFQ and we can complete the full circle and be irrelevant in the hockey world for one more season
  6. I wish the Redwings had a GM like my Broncos have with Elway. Holland needs to move on.
  7. Unfortunately I think we as fans have thought more about a trade and improving the team than Holland ever has. The trade just never we'll look to the deadline, then next year. It just goes on and on with the same result. I'm now waiting for the fluff piece by St. James telling us how bad a trade may have been, how great the team is now and how resigning Quincey might really be the answer.
  8. I'm not keen on losing AA and will be upset if he lands back in GR. Just love his speed and his game but at some point you need to pull the trigger to get a top Defenseman. I'd rather trade AA and get something of need than to sit on his talent and waste it on lower levels of play. I'd rather trade away half our team at this point than to lose Larkin and AA..I'd rather build around them.
  9. AA

    AA and Larkin were the only two guys worth watching last year. How AA ends up in GR at any point this year is again a tribute to Hollands inability to make a trade worth a damn and acquiring subpar talent that doesn't beong on the roster. It also gives me zero faith in anything Blashill does going forward. It's fairly sad when a casual fan can see things that the GM and coach can't. I wanted to punch somebody last year when they debated whether Larkin should be on the opening day roster..good Lord!!
  10. Completely agree. AA and Mantha should be no brainers this year...any time spent in the minors shows we have a GM that can't manage or discern talent. Having a glut of forwards to the point talent is being stifled is getting ridiculous. Package 2-3 guys you know are going to be trapped in the minors and trade for a defenseman that can make a difference. Same damn problem every year...a signing of guys who don't matter, talent being forced to lower levels and a defense that is pathetic. Don't care if its overpayment we need a defenseman worth a damn to pair with DeKeyser. How can the guys in charge not see this...its like groundhog day every damn year with this GM.
  11. Howard is making what $5Mill as the "back-up" at this point? St James wrote a fluff piece telling us it might be money well spent...that doesn't bode well to what a judge might find as a price point for Mrazek.
  12. Holland can't seem to find a defenseman worth a damn, better overpay and be happy I guess.
  13. Holland will be unable to move Howard and will likely soon start negotiations for an extension...
  14. How long does the team remain irrelevant before Holland is moved. I realize compared to most Detroit teams the Wings are a special but the goodwill most of you extend to him is ridiculous. The franchise has been in the same position for years...a glut of low to mid range forwards, young hyped defenseman that never seem to break the lineup and a defense that is never fixed. Holland focuses on the Miller, Helms and Cleary's of the world and promises the trade that never comes. St. James or whatever her name is will parrot Holland's position all off season but in the end all trade partners will just be asking too much...wait another won't change until he's replaced.
  15. Only way we are better is if AA and Mantha find the roster and a trade for defense is made, otherwise its more of the same and will end the same way.