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  1. Haven't you heard? Kenny says we are a contender.
  2. Enjoyed watching Vanek score some goals this year, one of the few worth watching, sad to see him go.
  3. I really hope this is bogus info...beyond stupid.
  4. Sorry Cleary...don't know why I had Draper on the mind
  5. Classic Kenny...everyone is waiting for very important trades and deals to be done prior to the trade deadline and we get a signing out of the blue. Shades of last year, when trades were needed and we signed Draper for no apparent reason to a minor league deal. I'm so tired of this act, the best thing at this point would be if he does nothing and ownership is as sick of his "leadership" as some of us are and fires him. Is there anyone at the top with a game plan or direction? Anyone at all? Glad to have Jensen onboard but good Lord focus on the task at hand.
  6. I'm worried inept Holland will finally do a deal and AA or Mantha will be dealt. Blashill/Holland need to go ASAP. I agree I'd trade AA for no one at this point. We've had to suffer through all sorts of other idiots on this team in the name of loyalty hoping the same love is given to AA and Mantha
  7. This team will not get back to what it was until Holland/Blashill leave.
  8. I'm not real sure why Glendenning is on this team let alone signed to the contract he's on. Ott every time.
  9. I don't think the rebuild starts until Holland is ousted. It will take years to clean-up contracts and set this franchise straight and it won't begin until he's gone.
  10. Better yet remind me why he started in the minors this year...criminal...Larkin, AA, Mantha are fun to watch
  11. How long do you wait before drawing the conclusion Holland wasn't responsible and has absolutely no plan or vision how to be a winner again. This team has been and is on a downward trajectory for the last 15 years. Debate the past all you want. If he was responsible for success you'd see it again and you don't. This teams fortunes will change when the GM changes.
  12. So stupid to go through this year after year, frustrating to talent and to the fans. Mantha should be in the NHL playing real minutes and real hockey.
  13. The only way to recover from these bad contracts is to replace the man giving them.
  14. Could care less about Ott, Miller, Shehan or Jurco. Tired of sitting on talent and fielding bad teams because kids have GR options left. AA Mantha both belong on this team just like Larkin did last year, period.