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  1. might as well sit Cleary too. He hasn't done anything all post season..
  2. That Turris dude is scaring me every time he touches the puck
  3. here we go. Bullsh1t calls are starting !
  4. Oh NO !! Denis LaRue
  5. Probably got the interference call by pushing Doan against the board after they got up from their humpfest.
  6. That was his first shift in the 3rd
  7. THANK YOU !!!!
  8. Actually Bertuzzi gets booed here for a different reason: During the 2003 playoffs and the Canucks being up 3-1 in the series against the Wild, Bert said the following in an interview after game 4 in St. Paul to the Wild fans: "Don't bother buying tickets for game 6, Vancouver will finish the series at home". We all know that the Wild came back and eliminated the Canucks 4-3 that year. Since then Bertuzzi has been booed.
  9. And I will attend the game tonight for good luck !
  10. Hes' been iffy lately, I agree
  11. Agreed. It would also show the world how classless the Pens fans are since they would litter the ice with everything they can get their hands on, including their paper mache Cup replicas and a kitchen sink or two.
  12. DYNASTY !!!!
  13. Go Wings from Minnesota !!