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  1. CBC used to put one out but I cannot find it. Anyone have a good one?
  2. Hasek, no matter how much I tried to love the guy, always SCARED THE CRAP out of me. Osgood will always be my favorite Wings goalie, but Konks is growing on me. I desperately cling to the hope that McCarty will play as he used to and miss the old days (grind line). When Datsyuk and Zetterberg work their magic and embarrass opposing teams it makes me laugh. Lilia makes me think Hasek thoughts. Hudler is one of the smallest in person players I have ever seen, and is still amazing.
  3. I live in the Phoenix area and have for the last few years. Since moving here I have frequently attend the Yotes games and noticed a growing trend: Empty seats. I have been hearing more and more talk about just how bad they are doing here in the desert and am just wondering what you folks think. I personally don't think they ever should have gotten a team in the first place (but do love going to games). Here is an interesting blog article that I also found on the subject.
  4. I will be there tonight!! No prediction I just want the Wings to win!!!
  5. From the big B town. I also lived in GF for a while (UND).

  6. I am from Grand Forks, how about you?

  7. Classic! They do not announce the end of a penalty here in Phoenix.
  8. Alright I have a goofy hockey question and this has always been the place to get answers. I live in phoenix and have seen the Sharks play twice this year. Both times Boucher has been in net. Whenever the Sharks are on the power play and it is winding down he will not bang his stick to signal the power play coming to a close, instead someone on the bench will bang their stick on the boards. I know it is a weird question but I have never seen a goalie not signal the end of a power play. Anyone know why or if he is the only goalie that does this.
  9. Sorry, I don't know how to insert the youtube videos.
  10. Why? I just don't get it. They had a TERRIBLE 3rd jersey a few years back, I would have thought they learned their lesson.
  11. I just found this one on youtube. Very funny!
  12. So I live in Phoenix and attend a lot of the Yotes games. At a recent pre-season game they played a short video with one of their two mascots running for president. I honestly don't know if I should laugh or just feel bad. I thought I would share the link. Some of the videos are good for a quick laugh. Enjoy!
  13. B-I-N-G-O!!
  14. They did the same thing at the Coyotes game last night. They kept taking tv time outs but the game was not on tv. Maybe the refs need the practice.
  15. I was wondering the same thing.