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  1. DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    Sore loser is right...what a baby Cindy turned into at the end there...Howard has a ways to go until he is Hextall 2.0 but that was a good start...
  2. What does having only 9,100 fans look like?

    I agree with you on that one... I was visiting Phoenix a couple years ago and me and my buddy were driving down the freeway...I saw this huge arena off to the side that seemed like it was out in the middle of nowhere...I said "what the hell is that??" It was Glendale Arena lol...literally seemed like it fell out of the sky and landed in the middle of the desert....
  3. WCF Game 1 Pics

    You lucky BUGGER!!! Awesome....
  4. The Official BENCH HOLMSTROM Thread

    Ridiculous thread... Lock it please....
  5. Downey Elbows Opposing Goalie In AHL Playoffs Video: Highlights from game 2...Downey incident @ ~2:23 Looks like he skated through the crease from the corner and layed a hit on Schneider...definitely unnecessary and a bit Avery-esque...
  6. Downey Elbows Opposing Goalie In AHL Playoffs

    Downey also had 10 NHL fights that year...thats 50 minutes of penalties right there that don't put us on the PK...I don't recall him putting us down a man all that often...I guess I could be wrong though, my glasses are a bit Detroit colored... I have to admit that the article did seem a bit biased and actually checked the source as I was about half way through it to see who's version of the story I was getting...not saying he didn't do it...just would like to see a video before I write him off as the second coming of Sean Avery...
  7. Tuukka Rask goes nuts

    I don't blame him...that poke-check call was bs.
  8. Sharks Pavelski gets a 5 minute major and a match penalty

    Bob Probert...
  9. Schnieder to return?

    Forget Schneider, what about Cory Cross?
  10. Staal vs. Semin fight

    Those weren't *****-slaps... They were hammerfists...
  11. Hudler's Cluck

    Yeah, that was totally hilarious....everyone who was imitating it was just doing that thing where you pop your tongue off the roof of your mouth...but when they showed it in the slo-mo footage it looked way different and much more strange....I replayed it several times with the DVR trying to figure it out....
  12. An oddity with Leino (he's not in the GR lineup tonight)

    Maybe he went back to Finland.
  13. Single Game Price Hikes?

    50 dollars for STANDING ROOM... ******* HELL!!!