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  1. Muse


  2. Muse

    WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

    Well, obviously the team SUCKS if they can't win the cup by sweeping the entire playoffs. Duh! So psyched for this game. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Wings are not doomed to utter failure because they lost game one of this series. In fact, I'm going to go way out on that limb and say that they have a better chance at winning this game than Rebecca Black has for a major record contract. I'll even go further out on that limb and say they have a better chance of winning the game than Donald Trump has for staying married to his current wife for 3 more years. I'm venturing out to a very tiny branch of said limb to say that the Wings have a better chance at winning this series than Don Cherry has the chance of being chosen as the Prime Minister of Canada (as the new leader of the NDP, predictably). 6-2 Wings.
  3. Muse

    Greetings from

    Hey Mike - thanks for the friendly hello. This will be a very good series!
  4. Muse

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 3

    There will always be people who come out and suddenly show support during the playoffs when they didn't show much interest in the regular season. A lot of people believe "there is no point in paying attention until the playoffs" (ugh). But who cares? We obviously have such a strong true fan base, as evidenced by how many Wings jerseys show up at every away game. The Wings surely are supported by many real hardcore fans, and likely a smaller percentage of "fair weather fans" than most teams in the league. If people don't want to pay attention until now, I don't worry about it. Engage them and get them interested. Educate them. Perhaps they'll find themselves more informed and interested, watching regular season games, too. That is how I got into hockey - and I'd imagine many die-hard Wings fans can say the same.
  5. Muse

    The person below me game...

    I use pencils all the time - seriously, every day! And yes, I usually prefer mechanical. I haven't had have a pencil sharpener since I moved to my new place 1.5 years ago, and I have so many dull pencils around here, it is annoying. I've been thinking about buying this: The person below me has woken up from a drunken night to find their face has been drawn on. Hopefully not with a Sharpie permanent pen.
  6. Muse

    WCQF Game 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 3

    I'm ready to see them come out with fire in their eyes. Although Phoenix stepped up the thug treatment, we keep stepping up our game. I don't think the Wings will resort to playing nasty - I think they'll come out in the first period with 3 goals. Ruthless defense, keeping Phoenix from even getting near our net. Sure, our guys can dish out nasty hits, but they don't need to against this Phoenix team. Embarrass them and leave them in the desert! Prediction: Wings 4, Phoenix 1. Maybe a s___-ou_.
  7. Muse

    Los Angeles vs. San Jose

    damn... impressive comeback in the 2nd for SJ. Here's hoping the Kings wake up from their nap in that long, painful period!
  8. Muse

    Los Angeles vs. San Jose

    Agreed! The Sharks are having quite a bit of trouble with the Kings. Me likey!
  9. Muse

    RWN HQ being invaded in December!

    I'll be around through NYE. Definitely up for doing something, though I can only make an earlier appearance for NYE. I have a feeling that a lot of LGWers are coming to town in December. We may have a lot of get togethers in December! Woot!
  10. Muse

    Attention RWN HQ

    It was a fun evening! Amberlynn - I can't believe you were there! I wish you'd come over and just started asking tables full of people if they were with LGW. Oh, BRTD: don't worry about Vladdy16s threats about being late. She actually LOVES it when people are late. Then there was that one time when she was about an hour late for our breakfast meeting with SWF... hehehe. (V16 is perpetually early for meetings, and I'm perpetually late. She puts up with me. Then there was that breakfast date when she forgot to set her clock ahead - gotta tease her about that relentlessly because I never arrive at a place before she does, except for that one time. Heh!
  11. Muse

    US Open

    I was glued to the tube for the entire match. Holy crap. That was amazing, bizarre, and stressful! I have no idea how Agassi pulled off the win. Baghdatis was nervous at first and very sloppy, then played well and worked hard to make it a helluva match. Then, as the younger guy cramped up so painfully, he still managed to play well. And you know Andre had to be in pain and exhausted. I had no idea who was going to win. I'm hoping for a rainy Saturday in NYC just so Andre can get an extra day of rest. Baghdatis is a better player than this "no, I'm not Boris" Becker, but each match has to be wearing on Agassi. If Andre can pull out a win in round 3, I'll be astonished - and very, very pleased! I'm looking forward to the Safin/Nalbandian match tonight. That could be very interesting. Ooh, I didn't realize Martina Navritolova was playing mixed doubles in the US Open - for some reason, I thought she was retiring after Wimbledon. Gotta catch her & one of the Bryan brothers.
  12. Muse

    Attention RWN HQ

    Aargh. Put me on the "tentative" list. I may have a family commitment that day. I'll let you know within the next few days.
  13. Muse

    Attention RWN HQ

    Count me in! I'm glad we'll do it at Cheli's Chili - it's good for those coming from the south and west, it shouldn't be too crowded (unlike downtown), and I haven't been there yet! Are we doing RSVPs in this thread, or is Vladdy16 taking PMs?
  14. Muse

    tkachuk could bring a cup

    Tkachuk could bring a cup to Detroit? Nah. I think he's more likely to bring an empty box of Krispy Cremes.
  15. TSN is reporting that Markov has been signed by the Wings. See this LGW thread to discuss: