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  1. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    Hossa will be a Red Wing next season, I dont see a logical reason for letting him go unless he asks for too much money. Obviously salary and length of contract are very important issues, but the guy wants to stay in Detroit and seems to be willing to once again sign at a discounted rate. Its not gonna happen at 4 mil tho, I would think it'd have to be more into the 5.5 - 6 at the very least. Theres teams out there that'll pay him the max. Sure we may have to watch Samuelsson and Hudler leave, and while they're good players, they're not Hossa. Added with the fact that the Wings have plenty of players in the minors ready to burst out into the NHL scene, to me it seems like a no brainer. While some of the younger guys wont completely make up for the loss of some depth players like Samuelsson and Hudler, the fact that Hossa will still be around, tilts this in the favour of keeping Hossa. Having Hossa bomb in the finals may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It could allow the Red Wings to lock him up for some years at a nice discounted rate. Had he been the saviour to shut the lights out on the Pens, theres no chance in hell Detroit would even have the opportunity to resign him. A player with a 40 goal season, solid two way skills, a successful playoff run, and a big reason for a Stanley Cup win is worth more than Detroit can afford, discounted or not. Although no deal is worth losing the cup for, there could be some positive things resulting from the loss. Besides, I dont think his lack of production was really all his fault in the finals. He controlled the puck well, back checked hard, but never got the room he needed to unleash his shot. While he wasnt at his best, I dont think the team/coaching staff did enough to give him good opportunities to use his shot (or really good D from Pittsburg). Lets not forget, Crosby didnt do much either, and everyone is on his bandwagon right including his name with some of the best ever. Dont let the media impede your judgement. Hossa is a fantastic player.