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  1. legace19

  2. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I was really impressed with Smith! He seemed pretty comfortable in most of the games I saw him play. Emmerton was alright. I would really like to see Kindl take Ericsson's place! Just looking at the score sheet for tonights game against the Penguins and Big E is already -3.. I cringe every time he's on the ice... I say trade him...
  3. Top 5 Favourite Players of All Time?

    1. Yzerman 2. Lidstrom 3. Orr 4. Shanahan 5. Neely/Brodeur
  4. Cleary article

    I read that the other day when I got the paper. Great article. I hope I get to meet him when he comes back with the Cup!!
  5. Who's on your Red Wings Jersey?

    I have an Yzerman jersey and an Yzerman baseball Tee