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  1. mcgarnicle19

  2. My bet with a Coyotes fan!

    1) How long after the recording stopped did the guy wait to throw up He was a trooper, he didn't puke or gag at all. I'm really surprised because it smelled awful and I can only imagine that it tasted awful as well. Plus, he drank it all down at once, which I couldn't believe. But we had a couple of cold ones right after so I'm sure the beer put out the fire.
  3. My bet with a Coyotes fan!

    Here it is, by request! I've finished torturing my Coyotes fan co-worker and he had to eat raw octopus blended together with ice cream. The link below will take you to my radio stations website and my most recent blog post which has the audio and pictures.
  4. My bet with a Coyotes fan!

    Just in case I'm not nervous enough going into a game 7, I've got something additional on the line. I'm a DJ at a radio station in Canada and it just so happens that one of the other DJ's is a Coyotes fan, so before the series started we made a nasty bet on air. I went on his show one morning to challenge him to a bet and the stakes got raised pretty quick. In the end we decided on the loser has to come on the others show and eat something disgusting on air. If the Coyotes lose (god I hope they do) he has to eat a smoothie with raw octopus in it! But if the Wings lose I have to eat a smoothie filled with raw hot dogs and smelly cheese. By the way, cheese is my least favourite thing to eat. He's calling it his 'Desert Dog Smoothie.' So hopefully the Wings pull off a game 7 victory and I can torture a Phoenix fan with some octopus! Let's go Wings!!!
  5. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    I am proud to say that I became a Wings fan when I was only 7 or 8 years old in Langley, British Columbia. It was the 88-89 season when Yzerman put up that fantastic 65 goal, 155 point season. I was just getting into hockey and of course, I had to pick a team. I still don't know why i didn't just make the easy decision and cheer for the hometown Canucks, and to this day i've never rooted for them EVER. I don't remember the exact instance or anything, but one of my dad's good friends is Yzerman's cousin. He even gave me an autographed 1984 Canada Cup program. There isn't much more to it than that. Stevie was one of the best players in the league and my old man knew his cousin, reason enough for an 8 year old me! I got a what is now a tiny Red Wings jersey that christmas and the rest is history.
  6. Lady Byng trophy

    From The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability. Here are the last 5 winners to give you a good idea of what it takes. 2006 Pavel Datsyuk 87 pts 22 pim 2004 Brad Richards 79pts 12 pim 2003 Alexander Mogilny 79pts 12 pim 2002 Ron Francis 77 pts 18 pim 2001 Joe Sakic 118 pts 30 pim
  7. It wasn't a Wing that i met the other day, but there is a Wing tie in to it. Ron Hextall was at his son's hockey game in Penticton BC and i noticed him in the standing room section, oddly enough. Just before i went to ask for a picture, i considered being a bit of a jerk and asking if the McCarty goal from the 1997 final was the nicest goal he'd ever let in!! In the end i just said hello and ask for a picture and asked him who the Kings were gonna name their new captain now that they traded Nordstrom. No surprise, he said it would probably be Rob Blake.
  8. where were you when...

    I can't believe that day was nearly 10 years ago. I remember it well though. My family was having a big neighbourhood bbq and I was trying to watch the game, but people kept bugging me and distracting me from the game, so i went up to my room and watched it on my crappy little TV, so i could watch in peace. When McCarty scored (my all time favorite goal) I started jumping on my bed, yelling and cursing in triumph. I believe i yelled out something to the degree of "Holy s***! McCarty just scored the greatest ******* goal i've ever seen!!! Needless to say, everyone could hear, including many of my mom's friends from her church, prompting her to run up stairs to yell at me, where i proceed to explain to her that "McCarty had scored the greatest ******* goal ever" and that's why i was yelling. She wasn't impressed, but i didn't care at that point. I remember near the end of the game when there were just a few seconds left, the CBC announcer Bob Cole saying, "Steve Yzerman is on the ice, where he should be, at center ice, where is should be" and then moments later, "The Detroit Red Wings are Stanley Cup champions" and Stevie jumping into Vernon's arms. What a great moment. I remember Stevie looking so nervous while waiting to get the Cup from Bettman, picking up some garbage off the ice and just pacing, before finally being passed the trophy. What a moment, I think i could hear the roar from JLA all the way back to British Columbia when Bettman said, "It's my pleasure to present the Stanley Cup to Steve Yzerman." I'm sure i coudl go on forever, but i'll just include one more funny note from the game. While the players were skating with the Cup, I remember Stevie going to the bench where the Illitch's were and Mike giving Yzerman a big kiss and my Dad saying, "Did the owner just slip Steve the tongue?" HAHA. What a great day. I think i need to watch the DVD of the game now!!
  9. song title game

    "Crazy Mary" by Pearl Jam
  10. song title game

    "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
  11. song title game

    "Bad Day" REM
  12. song title game

    This one isn't that easy. I could put in the song "Sally" by Grand Funk but that wouldn't get this anywhere.... so how about............... "Mustang Ford" T-Rex
  13. song title game

    "Nothingman" Pearl Jam
  14. song title game

    "Loud Love" Soundgarden
  15. song title game

    "Dancing Days" Led Zeppelin