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  1. Like I said after round 1...if you guys play like that, you won't be beat. Nothing to worry about.
  2. Franzen with the winner...
  3. LANG!!! lol...I love it when that guy scores a goal, the reaction on here is great!
  4. Because Kiprusoff is Jesus, and Wings fans understand that now. Seriously though...from their perspective. They just got past the best goalie in the conference, so that has to boost the confidence. Unfortunatley, the Wings haven't had to play an actual NHL hockey team until now. The were playing Jesus and a bunch of plain old peasants last round. Its going to be a tight series...cause you can bet the Wings just woke up. Welcome to the board.
  5. Great minds think alike. You must be a closet Flames fan... Just a reminder Wings fans, game 1 is statistically the least important of a seven game series. More teams are able to win a series after losing game 1 than any other game. I believe out of the 1st 4 games, game 4 has the highest statistical advantage.
  6. I cannot believe you guys were shutout on home ice. Total shocker. I completely expect next game to be a blowout win.
  7. I'm still kickin' around...just have less to say now!
  8. The man whose dreams will forever be haunted by Dominic Hasek's mask. Oh..the horror.
  9. Go Wings...
  10. You'll get a laugh out of this. http://break.com/index/red_sox_fan_pizza_toss.html I love how the commentators completely forget that a game is being played and focus squarely on this incident. Only in baseball...
  11. TSN is so much better than CBC.
  12. Wings out of the West and either Ottawa or Buffalo out East. In the Final, I'd probably root for Ottawa over Detroit. They are just about the only other Canadian team I don't hate.
  13. Much better, thanks! Watching the playoffs is so much less stressful when your team isn't around anymore. I can concentrate on work again!
  14. That, along with Huselius game 6 crossbar in last years playoffs will haunt my dreams for all eternity.
  15. You shouldn't be dreading this series because... If you play like you did in round 1, you'll beat anybody.