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  1. Members photos

    ok for reals this time. Taking this picture and comparing it to the one I had in my profile on here(which was from somewhere around 2001 or 02) I realized how different I look. I've put on quite a bit of weight haha. I wonder how many actually remember what I look like here. Sorry for the quality, it's a webcam because the batteries in my digital cam decided to die. be gentle...
  2. Members photos

  3. Random Discussion Thread

    I was standing behind you the whole time. *wet willie* *poof*
  4. Random Discussion Thread

    Ninjas run solo, as only one is needed. Bring your Pirates! NEEEENJA VANISH! *poof*
  5. Random Discussion Thread

    Ninjas > Pirates. Yeah thats right. I said it. Who wants some?
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    My car is burning oil But it looks and sounds good haha...
  7. Post Everytime You Look

    I could punch a couple babies right now.
  8. Post Everytime You Look

    Does anyone else think people with Blackberry's are ***? j/p
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    There are other perfectly good uses for a golf club.
  10. Post Everytime You Look

    fixed. Workin just fine thank you
  11. Post Everytime You Look

    M&M's + Twix = nutricious snack.
  12. Post Everytime You Look

    It's no use crying over spilt milk... Unless that was Jack Bauer's milk. Oh you are so screwed.
  13. Post Everytime You Look

    ... I just farted.