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  1. Habs ship Latendresse to Wild for Puliot

    oh hey
  2. no hope for these idiots let them talk their s*** it makes them feel better about themselves
  3. and i'm sure Snyder was begging for Heatley to unlock the doors and let him out were they stupid, yes is Heatley a murderer, no
  4. Let me ask you something have you ever driven above the speed limit? you are as much a murderer as he is it was an accident you stupid f***
  5. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    God you're an idiot you're implying Ovechkin is better than Crosby when it comes to two-way hockey that's just laughable get the f*** outta here haha
  6. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    He just won Olympic gold in overtime bro you think his time is up already? It hasn't even been an hour yet................ bahahahahaha
  7. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    You can say Crosby is a whiner or a diver, you can say he's ugly, you can call him a ***, do what you gotta do but I don't see how people can play it off like this guy isn't humble.... and most are probably Ovechkin fans I bet.... Crosby is honestly one of the most humble guys there is.....if you disagree you don't know the meaning of the word
  8. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Skill, friends, not be out of shape, s*** could go on forever, his youth even, old lady crying on the computer, that's sad hahahahaha
  9. 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game: Canada 3 vs. USA 2 (OT)

    Can't you tell? She is a miserable person. CROSBY, PERRY, PRONGER, NIEDERMAYER, GETZLAF ALL ******* CHAMPIONS. Olympics, Stanley Cup... you name it.
  10. Is Babcock a bad coach!?

    Bonehead decision by Babcock Rick Nash who's been playing great but been held goalless this tournament skates through the entire team, splits the D, gets hauled down and earns a penalty shot... ...Sidney Crosby takes it, and misses it, it's 4-0. f*** off Babcock....what a disgusting coaching move
  11. Joe Thornton bad for canada and shark?

    Thornton sucks when it comes to crunch time... he should be on Team Canada but roll his line like a 3rd line or something, and maybe give him some PP time see how that works out... but in clutch situations like at the end of the game, not a chance in hell
  12. 2010 Winter Olympics - Sweden vs Germany (Group C)

    classy move by Sweden to put together s***ty line combos to make this game closer!
  13. Habs ship Latendresse to Wild for Puliot

    Looks like everyone except you has some pretty good hockey knowledge! Haha!