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  1. Congratulations

    I also came by to congratulate Wings fans on winning the Cup, figured this was a good thread to do it in. Dominant run to be sure, great as a hockey/Flames fan to see Darren McCarty not only playing hockey again, but being part of this Stanley Cup winning team. Nice to see Lidstrom be the first euro captain to win the Cup, very deserving and classy guy to make that hockey history. We will be gunning for the Stanley Cup champions next year along with 28 other teams, enjoy the sweet win, we'll see you next season.
  2. Good Series, Hats off

    I am sorry, I meant Holmstrom, actually need to add him to my list of players who played well, he really got down to business and showed us once again why his home is parked in the crease. Hope he is ok. Just to clarify I know who Calder is, just thought he was invisible throughout the series, and think Bertuzzi should have replaced him instead of Hudler for games 3 and 4. But what do I know, I'm a Flames fan.
  3. Good Series, Hats off

    Yeah, congrats to the Red Wings, we were totally owned, especially at the Joe. Wings fans, enjoy watching your team play in round two, some of you really fell apart after game four, I really didn't understand it, but some fans are like that. Kudos to the level headed fans that called the non believers out. Have some faith in your team, even during the bad times. I thought Cleary, Draper, and Hasek were the Wings best players. Franzen, and Filppula were also great providing some spark almost every shift they were on the ice. I hope Draper is going to be ok. BTW I see a guy named Calder on the Wings roster, did he even play in this series? Cause I don't think I saw him. Good luck in the playoffs, the Wings look poised for a solid run this post season.
  4. Pre-GAME 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames - 9:30 PM EDT

    Although I don't like your score, it would be nice to see Stuart even hit the net, never mind actually score a goal. 30 games in a Flames uniform thus far, (Including playoffs) zero goals, 5 assists. In his stint with the Flames he has shot probably 70% of his shots wide, and another 20% into a player from the blueline. This gets overlooked, because he has played some solid D on many nights (we won't talk about the other nights), and has had many games where he crushes people like he was doing in game three. On another note, I have hardly noticed Calder in this series so far, but I did notice Hudler even with his limited ice in two games playing some good hockey and was a little surprised he was scratched in 3, I didn't really understand it, really I was just glad Bertuzzi was back.
  5. Flames Regehr will miss Game Four

    Yeah, not great news for the Flames. At least his replacement, Mark Giordano was huge in game 3 for the Flames, scoring the goal that tied the game, playing in his first NHL playoff game. Brought some fire to his team that was needed after the showing they had in games one and two. Still Robyn is a big part of the Flames, and will be missed again.
  6. Pre-GAME 4: (4/19) Red Wings @ Flames - 9:30 PM EDT

    Huge game, Calgary hasn't brought it's "A" game yet in the series, hoping we see it here in game 4. Flames 4 (Iginla, Huselius, Langkow, Primeau) Red Wings 2 (Zetterberg, Lidstrom) Really hope Bertuzzi plays again, he and Lang remind me of the Wings in the 2004 playoff series. Lazy and uninspired. The C of Red will be fired up again tonight! GO FLAMES GO!!!
  7. What a hit by Cleary

    I gave you the link to look at the hit, how can you say he doesn't jump into Phaneuf? Also check out how many strides he takes across the ice targeting Dion. Could of easily been called a charging call. Rule 47 Charging; Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A "Charge" may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice. A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner. When a major penalty is imposed under this Rule for a foul resulting in an injury to the face or head of an opponent, a game misconduct shall be imposed, and an automatic fine of one hundred dollars ($100).
  8. What a hit by Cleary

    Here is a replay from CBC on NHL.com. Cleary hits Phaneuf Really hard to tell if it was an elbow, or forearm, but it is not hard to tell that Cleary jumped into the hit, which makes it an unclean hit according to the NHL rule book. Anyways I'm just glad Dion came back after that, he didn't look quite right for the remainder of the game, but I honestly thought we had lost him due to a concussion. IMO Cleary has been the Red Wings best player games 1 through 3, did he play this well in the regular season, or is this another gear for the playoffs?
  9. 1270am: Regehr OUT for Game 3

    Well Regehr didn't skate today, all signs point to him being out for game 3. Nothing has been officially released by the Flames as of yet. Giordano was seen practicing on the power play unit this morning, so indications are he will draw in for his first NHL playoff game. Unfortunate hit by Draper for Flames fans, you can tell there was no intent, still blows goats that Regehr won't be back there for us. Hopefully Giordano comes in and plays with some fire and heart, something the Flames have obviously been lacking in the first two games.
  10. Calgary Fans

    Well I for one was here in 2004. Most of the Flames fans didn't gloat, or disrespect the Red Wings in anyway. It was a tight well fought series, unlike the ownage in games 1 and 2 of this series. You will always have some morons trash your team no matter what, we have some of those visits on Calgarypuck since the series started, but it is easy to spot and remove those trolls. If pigs start flying, hell freezes over, or the Flames win the next four in a row, my tone on this board won't change, although my depression level might. Can't paint everybody with the same brush stroke, some of us visitors are objective non-trolling hockey fans.
  11. Kiprusoff

    You guys can rip my team to shreds so far in this series, because they deserve it. Miikka Kiprusoff is the only reason the Wings haven't broke a record for goals in a playoff series...and it has only been 2 games. The only thing us Flames fans can hold our heads up about has been the play of Kiprusoff. Please don't try to take that away from us, we are a fragile bunch right now.
  12. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    3-2 Flames. McCarty with the winner. I feel good about our chances, I really don't think our team can play worse than they showed in game one. If we get goaltending like Kiprusoff gave in game one, I think the Flames can rebound, and the series will be tied. Hockey Gods if you read this board, please let the series be tied after tomorrows game. Thank-you in advance... GO FLAMES GO!!!
  13. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    Holy crap aflac, that is a damn nice Game Day Thread. You guys get spoiled like this every game?
  14. Grapes says Dats has no......

    Yeah, I did read the whole thread, I've seen some North Americans block it the same way, but the face cover gives Datsyuk a 10 for originality. I do understand why you might not be too be concerned about it, especially when he can do other things so well.
  15. Grapes says Dats has no......

    So is this how he usually attempts to block a shot? I only get to see the guy score sick goals, and make crazy passes on highlights, or when Detroit is on CBC, or playing the Flames or Oilers on Sportsnet. Ok I see Icteria's response now, the biggest problem I had was the glove over the face thing, I guess as a Calgary fan we are spoiled with Stephane Yelle's shot blocking, he sprawls, but you don't see guys being very successful walking around him even when he is sprawled out. I guess shot blocking is really an art like checking, shooting, fighting, and passing, some guys have it, some don't. Still the strangest shot block I have ever seen.