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  1. calfan


  2. calfan

    Cammalleri traded

    He doesn't speak french. He said so last night when he was interviewed about the trade.
  3. calfan

    Fleury Re-Retires

    You're right Toby. He never retired previously, he was under suspension. I think he made a legitimate attempt to come back and I think the Flames gave him a legitimate shot at it, but ultimately it was a nice way to get him back in the league, allow Flames fans to say a proper goodbye and allow him to retire with some dignity. A nice end to a difficult story.
  4. calfan

    Message Sending

    "Sending a message" to me is contrived, it's like watching the WWE. Playing with emotion and having the balls to push back and say I'm not putting up with that $hit is more than ok in my books. I was at the Saddledome last night. Burrish trying to break his stick in Bourque's face last night (stick broke, but he only caught his shoulder, not his head) has no place in the game. The reactions of both teams after is ok in my books. Hearing McGuire yelling that the Flames needed to get Iginla off the ice at the end of the game and that he had never heard that type of verbal abuse thrown at a star player before sets up great expectations for the next game. Builds excitement. (You're asking, if you were at the Saddledome, how do you know what McGuire said on TV? Watched game live, went home, watched replay on TSN2, went to bed at 1:30am...very tired today ) Avery's poke at Varlamov (sp?) needs to be eliminated. But after it happened, if someone on the Caps had had the balls to beat Avery into a puddle, that would have been ok in my books. Emotion is what makes playoff hockey. The rest is bull. If the league truly wants to eliminate this end of game "message sending", I have the perfect solution. Instead of suspending the meathead the coach put on the ice, allow the opposition to pick the player that serves the suspension. Instead of Avery, the Caps could chose to suspend Lundqvist. Instead of Burrish being suspended, the Flames could chose to suspend Toews. No more message sending.
  5. calfan

    The Ice in Dallas...

  6. calfan

    The Ice in Dallas...

    Edited on your behalf. This is a thread whining about the ice and you're whining about a goal that got disallowed. There's no truth to that, just speculation on your part and on the part of a bunch of talking heads who most often apparently don't know what they're talking about unless they are kissing the Wings' asses.
  7. calfan

    An idea so this doesnt happen again

    Which you have to admit looks like an eclipse from the goalie's point of view.
  8. calfan

    An idea so this doesnt happen again

    How do you determine if the goalie moved into the player or the player moved into the goalie? Homer's feet are 6 inches outside of the crease. Are you going to look to see if there is conclusive evidence his big ass is over the blue line? Y'all are the last fans in the league who should want a review for this. Far fewer goals are called back on Homer than are allowed. A video replay analysis is going to change that ratio for the worse for the Wings because more often than not he's making contact with the goalie. This is just a bad idea that takes away from the flow of the game.
  9. See my edit. For all we know Dallas could have gotten fired up and won 5-1 instead of 3-1.
  10. Hardly. Let's grab a dose of reality people - it was one call. Sure it negated a goal, but it wasn't like it was an OT goal to win or lose the series. Earlier Homer backed into Turco and the puck just missed going in. Earlier in the series he interfered with Turco and the goal counted. These were clearly interference and there was no call. The Wings still had their chances - Dallas was simply better on the night. Let's face the facts. Homer plays on the edge (of the crease, of the rules, etc). There is no one better in the league and if he didn't play that way, its doubtful he'd still be with the Wings/in the league/get the ice time he does (fill in your own preferred ending). How much of his ice time does he spend parked in front of the goalie? How many shots come when he's there? Each and every time the refs have to make a judgment call on what he's doing. And in the split second without the ability to slow down, rewind and over-analyze they make a judgment call. More goals count than are disallowed. Babcock knows that. He's simply posturing for the next time. If he said nothing, then perhaps the next time it goes against the Wings again. Homer knows that. If he was truly concerned about his play hurting the Wings, he'd be a foot in front of Turco instead of an inch. The fact is, the Wings are willing to have the call go against them because the inch is much more effective than the foot.
  11. calfan

    Don cherry on HNIC

    No - he'd like the team to be more like it was in 97 and 98. Based on the amount of calls for blood in the thread about Rebeiro and Ozzie I think y'all agree with him.
  12. calfan

    Nr. 19 Team Canada

    And I recall a newspaper article saying that Sakic was offered his normal number. At least we can agree he didn't wear it.
  13. calfan

    Suspension Update

    Yes of course, cuz everyone knows that playing a cheap retaliatory style is so in keeping with the talentless thugs that Detroit has up and down its lineup. You can tell that the coaches keep sending guys over the boards with one purpose in mind - physically beat the crap out of the other team. That's why Franzen and Homer have so many roughing penalties when they don't put up with anyone even looking like they might give them a face rub or a whack across the back. Child.
  14. calfan

    Suspension Update

    But guys can hit others in the face with a butt-end? I think the NHL, in not suspending anyone, did a favour to the Wings. Ozzie hit him in the face with his stick - and he was watching him come in and timed it and did it intentionally. Ribeiro hit Ozzie in the chest protector. What one got, the other was going to get. Hence the benefit to the Wings. Suspend Ribeiro, Suspend Ozzie. Did you really want Hasek back in net?
  15. calfan

    Nr. 19 Team Canada

    No, I think he had it right. Sakic, as the next most "senior" player, had the opportunity to wear the number if he wanted. However, having worn 91 in the 2002 Olympics and out of respect for Yzerman, Sakic indicated he would not wear 19. Having done so, it would have been pretty hard for anyone else to step up and say they would. To the best of my knowledge, Hockey Canada has never retired any numbers.