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  1. Take this from someone who has watched both Afinogenov and Pyatt play... 1- Max has speed like crazy but does not finish. To be a goal scorer you must score goals, Max is not consistant enough in that to ever truely be considered a goal scorer. 2- Pyatt is a waste of roster space. His potential is zilch. The guy is huge but doesn't touch anyone (like I said in the Pyatt thread, I've always called him Snuggles). His biggest achievement was a hat trick fluke last season. He's a pretty boy, he stands around looking pretty and that's it. There's a report from Western NY.
  2. Afinogenov = bad. He disappears for most of the season and pops up to score a goal here or there. Biron/Lang- ok, but no way should Kenny do Kronwall for Afingenov. That's just dumb, Max isn't worth it.