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  1. Top 10 Red Wings of the Last 15 years?

    1. Yzerman 2. Lidstrom 3. Fedorov 4. Shanahan 5. McCarty 6. Datsyuk 7. Zetterberg 8. Osgood 9. Draper 10. Holmstrom
  2. Wings who've won all 4 Cups(97, 98, 02, 08)

    McCarty has won all 4. Osgood was not on the team in 2002.
  3. Youtube Pre-Game Videos

    Ha. It does sound a little like that now that you mention it. It has been bugging me for a while because no one ever seems to know.
  4. Youtube Pre-Game Videos

    What is the name of the very first song in that video?
  5. SRO Tix avail on TM right now for Game 1

    Thanks for responding. I am not sure if it is the first row of the upper bowl becuase you can request just upper bowl tickets and $350 is an option.
  6. SRO Tix avail on TM right now for Game 1

    Does anyone know what the first row of seats are in the upper level that are $230?
  7. Osgood/Turco exchange

    I noticed that too. I saw the end of Osgood talking with Ribiero on CBC. It seemed similar to how the situation with Turco went. Osgood kept talking to him even though he had already passed him.
  8. GDT: 5-12-08 Flyers/Pens

    i think it is just a replay of an earlier game in their series.
  9. Don cherry on HNIC

    He said Detroit and Boston were his favorite U.S. cities too.
  10. Franzen is now the Leader in Playoff Goals

    Darren McCarty in 2002 against Roy.
  11. 4/16 GDT, Other Playoff Games

    I didn't see the replay very well, but it almost looked like Jagr's stick hit his own player or at least caused the devils stick to lift into the players face.
  12. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Last season
  13. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    Mccarty was originally given 2 assists, but the assist on the last goal was changed to someone else.
  14. 2/1 GDT: Red Wings 2, Avalanche 0

    Maybe it is just me, but i thought that this game has been fairly exciting. It is obvoiusly was not a high scoring period, but there have been lots of chances for the wings and some decent hits.
  15. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    It seems that McCarty's time with the generals is now over, as he has been ejected at the end of the 2nd period. According to Savage, McCarty pummeled the other guy.