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  1. Wow, not sure where I got 9 am from. Thanks for the info!
  2. is there any channel on tv or stream online to watch NHL free agency? I remember in all past years I could watch the NHL network but TV guide isn't showing much.... anyone have any info? Also what time does it officially start/open? 9:00 am EST?
  3. I suggest heading over too checking out that forum; they will be releasing FHM2 later this month. They have a great team around them and a very successful baseball sim called OOTP - which I have and its insanely customizable down to every little detail you like. FHM2 will be following this model and should be a fantastic game once its released.
  4. Wings get Mike Green per NHL Network. 3 years 6mil per is whats being said
  5. I don't post on the forums much anymore but I do come on to check in and read over the threads. If this has been posted before my apologies. But I stumbled on a great article. For as much flaming Avery gets I thought this was worth a share. It's a great read. Enjoy!
  6. I wouldn't call it pointless. The Stars just freed up 4.6 million in cap space off Gonchar's 5.0 million cap hit. Nill probably has bigger plans to bring in a defenseman. Now in terms of pointless from Montreal's standpoint, then yes more of a head scratcher.
  7. ITS HERE!
  9. Really? I think he's pretty obnoxious... and after a young pre-teen cancer survivor just walked off the stage he's telling Mark Messier to get his hand off his ass! Kind of uncalled for given what just took place and Mark seemed a little uncomfortable. I don't know, he think's off his rocker...
  10. Topic moved to the rumor section in... 5 4 3 2 1 ... But seriously, link to article? Never going to happen by the way.
  11. Just.Say.No!
  12. For the sake of fantasy hockey I hope this benefits Seth Jones. I wanna see the kid put some serious points up!