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  1. GDT

    And to ensure the highest possible execution would mean to put the correct lines out on the ice. But I get that at the end of the day the players we have are not tough mentally.
  2. GDT

    Nyquist and Tatar should at least be able to score against weaker opposition. Hell Larkin played less than Nyquist and still scored.
  3. GDT

    I'm not watching the game but I can see on nhl.com Larkin has played less than 8 minutes. Is something wrong with him?
  4. gdt

    Was that Big E that played like he was 5'5'' in front of the net on that last goal? Whoever that was they were out muscled and out position big time
  5. Missed the 1st half of the 1st period, but I did notice two horrific turnovers by Z. The 2nd one lead to a PK
  6. If I remember correctly some of the lower paid players were against the cap because they thought of situations like this. The top stars get their money but the end guys get less. Anyway Kopitar will get paid, but I do wonder if he will heed Glencross's warning. After all at the end of the day this is a buisness
  7. He was, once playoffs started he never really got to play.
  8. Stamkos might get Weber salary money, like $14M.
  9. Pretty much, but it always seemed like the line combos were changing during games.
  10. About an hour ago
  11. Yes they do. They never go off the cap, teams are just allowed to go over the cap. The capgeek link should still work And what really sucks is they do not get the benefit of taking a contract bigger than what they usually are able to come the trade deadline. On topic: Any new updates?
  12. Guys like Savard and Pronger do count against their teams cap hit. However, a team is able to go above the cap limit by X amount based on a formula. On topic: I hope these guys get signed soon
  13. Signed

    So this deal will take him into his 30s. If it is under $5M I will be surprised.
  14. Sounds like a guess to me. Similar to how Khan stated Nyquist would get a Tatar type deal (money) in his article, but later in the comments section stated he would get more.
  15. Those seem to be cap hits. Crosby salary was $12M last season, Getzlaf made $8.75M last year and going up to $9.25M next season. Getzlaf pretty much gave ANA a "free year" by making $6M in the finale year of his 8-year contract, cap space be important. Weber banked $14M last season, and Ovie $10M. But you have to keep in mind throw away years, and also how big of a percentage their cap hits took when initially signed.