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  1. Detroit Lions

    Interesting thought on the drafting a QB with a late round pick every year til you find a franchise QB. I was listening to sports radio the other week and they said (sorry can't remember who the GM was) but he would pick a QB every year with a late round pick and one of them would eventually develop into a quality starter in a couple years of course some wouldn't pan out, but they weren't using a top pick on a QB and investing all that money and having them not pan out. It is so hard to say who they should draft because so few first rounders the lions have picked have been great or even very good. They seem to draft in spurts. Remember the CB spurt Terry Fair and Brian Westbrook. The OL lineman streak McDougle , Aaron Gibson and Backus (seems to be pretty solid now hopefully they don't let him sign somewhere else like Jeff Hartings). Of course the recent wide receiver streak no need to mention the three but it looks like Roy Williams is the only one worth a crap (if he can stay healthy). I don't want to be unfair to Mike Williams but it looks like he wasn't as great as his draft position. Might have benefitted a little from playing on a great team in a conference that can't play D worth a crap. I just question where are the guys with the desire to win? A few have it for sure, but most seem to not mind getting outplayed and outworked at all. They need to draft guys who will make an impact look at all the LB's they passed over they are going to be franchise players like Derrick Johnson and Shawn Merriman. Crap those guys would have help a lot this year (although I think they have some pretty decent LB's when healthy). None of those guys are going to be the next Chris Spielman. As much as I hate to say it I hope they draft one of the Ohio State LB's. I thought Hawk might have been overhyped when compared to Carpenter who looked to be just as good from what I saw. And Hawk likely will be gone before the Lions pick. Just my thoughts.
  2. Detroit Lions

    I was just watching Sportscenter and Mel "hairspray" Kiper projected the Lions to pick Jay Cutler QB from Vanderbutt. Great that sounds like a typical lions pick. Our track record picking QB's is so steller. On ESPN radio today one of the radio show hosts (whoever was subing for Dan Patrick) said if the Lions pick Cutler they should be forced to fold the franchise. What the Lions really need to do is continue to stockpile draft picks for the next 2-3 years. Trade down with first round pick (take a lower first round and a second or third) and keep doing it til they have enough picks built up that they don't have to worry about these picks that are busters. And for God sakes stop signing crappy free agents for big $'s (see Damian Woody) that guy is a buster. Do you really think he would have left New England if he really cared about winning, or much less figured he better take the money before he is exposed as a good lineman as opposed to looking better than he is because he is on a good team. Lastly will I am going off, get rid of that idiot Dre Bly. I was a fan of his until he started pointing the finger at Joey (not that I don't think JH is part of the failures) but I didn't see his stupid ass intercepting those 2 passes (can't remember the game) that might have helped the Lions pull it out. Of course he did have a huge cast on his hand, but if he can't make the plays then don't blame someone else. I am just praying to God that they will win a title before I die (0 for 30 yrs so far) thank God we at least got to see Barry play!