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  1. I always thought Kariya just hated the wings, and wanted to play for who was a key rival at the moment. going to colorado before the rivalry died a little bit, then to nashville after a pretty good wings pred series, then to st louis to keep with the theme of having the wings handing it to him.
  2. i was flippin through the channels last night and low n behold channel 276 was the nhl network. just an fyi for everyone who was wondering.
  3. ehhh..... nobody got raped. nashville did a smart thing and got a pick for free basically. they werent goin to sign either guy so why not get a little somehting, when in a couple weeks these guys are leaving anyways?
  4. I cant beleive im seeing a Wing PP. weird to see after all the crap in the first
  5. WOW... the most amazing game ive ever been at to see........ just amazing
  6. The wings called jimmy up... drew mac is in net tonight...
  7. Big don just notched the 49th and 50th goal of the season against chicago, with one period still to go.