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  1. tweekvp


  2. tweekvp

    WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Its hard to win faceoffs when their centers simply fall on the Detroits centers stick and hold it while pawing at the puck. Just a bunch of duechbags in general.
  3. tweekvp

    WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    The sharks played well but they were handed a second straight game with horrible calls. The bench minor was the only solid call all night. The only bad calls against San Jose were made at safe times for them. Not even in the least. This was the type of game that makes perfectly sane fans start to believe that the league is instructing refs to lean the games in one teams favor. With the way the Sharks fans are handling this I expect to hear nothing if a questionable call actually benefits Detroit. By the way the average score for tonights dives was about 6.5.
  4. tweekvp

    Sharks player fell over boards?

    I was thinking to many men one the ice as well. I just thought the official he took out was probably the one who would have made the call.
  5. tweekvp

    WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Nice answer goal.
  6. tweekvp

    WCQF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 1

    So happy with Howard's play. 60 minutes of hockey and the Coyotes had to stand on Jimmy's leg just to get a goal. Hopefully we'll see more of it Sunday.
  7. tweekvp

    What are your feelings on that Icing goal?

    I'm not much for conspiracy theories. However it did seem that Pittsburgh had a hell of a lot of icing waved off the entire series. Detroit also had a lot of questionable offsides called. Both are good ways for officials to influence the series without being to obvious that they are trying to help wear down the tired team. That first goal last night not only was icing but Talbot hooked the s*** out of the dman and forced the turnover. It is also true though that nothing excuses the way Detroit played in the last two games of the series. Ehh I guess I'm just bitter.
  8. tweekvp

    "Bill Guerin, you ignorant slut"

    I love how people ***** about the auto union wages. I'm sure if a group of coworkers convinced your boss to pay you 2 - 3 times your worth you would just say "Nope, haven't earned it" and walk away from the job. The root cause is executives who gave away the store in good times and were to stupid to even guarantee a quality work force out of the deal. Oh and to stay on topic I hate Bill Guerin but he appears to love the cock.
  9. tweekvp

    Words that need to be banned from Hockey Vocabulary

    You beat me to it. I hate when Doc talks about goalie paraphernalia. However looking up the definition it is synonymous with equipment. I would just prefer he said equipment though.
  10. tweekvp

    Malkn for Conn Smythe

    If Datsyuk was healthy going into the finals Malkin would likely be on par with Crosby right now which still isn't half bad. If it comes down to Osgood or Malkin all I have to say is Osgood has stoned Malkin multiple times one on one in this series. That for me means he gets the nod over Malkin.
  11. tweekvp

    Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    I would have respected you a lot more if you had actually posted that. So far both teams have held serve in this series and both have gotten bounces. I don't really think momentum carries from game to game but who knows. I know the first team to lose on home ice will lose the series and if neither do thats good for me.
  12. tweekvp

    One thing I am just sick of from everybody

    I definitely wish Eddie O. would shut the hell up about missed calls. Most of the time they either were marginal or didn't ultimately effect the overall game anyway. It is very difficult being a ref for anything. It takes years of practice to get to the level professional refs are at. My biggest beef with NHL refs is it seems like the only major sport were the refs actively decide not to make some calls depending on the flow of the game. This leads to the inevitable moaning about the inconsistency of how that games are being called. I guess mentally it is much easier to take some yards away or allow some free throws than it is to take one player out of the game for two minutes.
  13. tweekvp

    Niklas Kronwall

    is lazy and he sucks. Just kidding although I will say he was very disappointing last night. The s***ty ice and superball puck didn't help the wings much though either. Hopefully he uses the bad game as motivation for game 5. I'ld like to see a big hit on Malkin, get into his head and he can be worthless.
  14. tweekvp

    Explain to me why Orpik can do whatever he wants...

    People lost confidence in Detroit cars when Pittsburgh steel started rotting out from under them. Ba dum dum.
  15. tweekvp

    Steve Yzerman

    Wow, what a below 70 IQ thing to say.