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  1. I haven't said it yet* and here we sit 0-2-0, so... LET'S GO WINGS!!! WE WILL WIN!!! *Results may vary. Void where prohibited. No habla espanol.
  2. Kevin Bieksa fools Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes as 'Shovelboy' I thought it was pretty hilarious. Love the "Beep, beep Coyotes!" line he uses a couple times
  3. thegerkin

  4. Good luck, Clears! Danny knows what's expected of him, whether it's a limited role with the Wings or the Griffs. Good luck, Danny Boy!
  5. Sad indeed. He was a good commentator. RIP John.
  6. Rest In Peace, Gordie!! My thoughts are with his family.
  7. GDT

  8. Very disappointing. You signed your contract, Pavel. Only one year remaining. You're a classy guy. Time to step up and fulfill your contract.
  9. gdt

    I sent Matt a tweet and he's fixed it. Great job as always Matt!
  10. Shocked at Pittsburgh. I really thought they'd be on fire right out of the gate, but boy oh boy was I wrong. Sid has 0 points and Flower is looking shaky.
  11. Hope you get well soon. Sending positive vibes!
  12. Woo hoo! My boy Nelly (insert obligatory rapper image) will be awesome at his job. He has already spent years in Grand Rapids, although it was with Ottawa's farm team. He's the first ever pick of the Griffins, so he's come full circle. So happy to hear this. Great guy, smart hockey player, Way to go Todd!
  13. Final day of voting! 18 hours left and Gus has a 83,472 vote (21%) lead. Current voting tallies - Gus: 233,760 (61%) vs Kesler: 150,288 (39%)