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  1. Post Everytime You Look

    who watched the academy awards and thought it was slightly boring??
  2. Best Poll Ever

    I think I miss that guy / ??
  3. Osgood vs. Legace

    As far as this season goes, I get a little worried when Osgood is in net. Clearly he's had his nights and some spectacular saves, but he's had some difficulty producing stable performances. I completely agree that Osgood has accomplished more in his career, mostly due to the fact that he's been given the opportunities to do so. Manny, on the other hand, has played second fiddle to Hasek and Cujo during his tenure with the Wings. I know many fans are upset because of his inconsistancy in the Wings' last playoff run, but that was only one time. Osgood has come up short multiple times for multiple teams in the playoffs. I realize that he's won a Cup -- but as I said, he's also been given repeated opportunities to do so. My opinion? Give Manny the shot this year. He's proven during the regular season this year that he has what it takes.
  4. Members photos

    some attractive people on this site! what can i say, the wings have hot fans anyways, here to post my pic. a little blurry, but me none-the-less
  5. Post Everytime You Look

    hahahahahah this made me laugh.
  6. Post Everytime You Look

    i've got to be honest. i'm bored. and i DO post every time i look
  7. Post Everytime You Look

    hahah wedding crashers = pure genius. has everyone seen the extended edition? DEATH YOU ARE MY ***** LOVER!!!! and of course, how could you forget... Let's play just the tips, just for a second, just to see how it feels... My friends and I often quote this in crowded places just to create uncomfortable situations heh heh heh
  8. Post Everytime You Look

    Wings game eh! Finally and good joke, betterthanRED
  9. Post Everytime You Look

    hey wingsgirl and hockeycrazy! you all must be bored to be typing backwards. it's a lack of wings hockey, of course speaking of bored, i'm watching american idol right now. anyone else being bored to death with me?
  10. Post Everytime You Look

    dang it's been awhile since i've been around and this is what you all have been up to...? how i've missed you.
  11. Spartans Football Question

    Go Blue.
  12. song title game

    The Song that Jane Likes -- DMB
  13. song title game

    Anthem of our Discovery -- Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
  14. song title game

    Wanderin' Around -- Carbon Leaf
  15. song title game

    You're Still The One -- Shania Twain