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  1. I wonder, is Crosby still able to score in the playoffs?
  2. Today investigation committee reported what was the cause of the crash. Of course they’ll never tell the whole truth because it’s really awful. In these moments I hate living in my country.
  3. They said Salei waited the team in Minsk
  4. Tretyak just couldn't help to start crying giving interview on news channel
  5. Is it official he retires after the playoffs? Or he'll continue to bring some experience like Chili?
  6. Haha! It's always somebody not him. This time Raf and Zets made all of it he was just passing by
  7. Can't wait to see these series! The Sharks been the second team many years for me as Red Wings been the first. Sharks fast and skilled, they play aggressive but smart hockey. They really lost it with Colorado but overcame themselves to win. But AVS are not Wings and I believe Sharks are able to boost it up if they need. So this will be all boosts and ups from them that’s why many goals, shots and hits from both teams and it’s great. My only concern is goaltending, Nabby not so consistent in playoffs as I want him to be, but now all want is Howie to shut the door. Guy’s been great, I’m really proud that we have him. He could be the key factor of these series. Go wings!!! In 6
  8. Definitely!! Yeeeeaaah!!!!
  9. They are SO determined.