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  1. Google translated pretty good. I'm in Västerås right now and I hope I'll run into him. I've done it before since the citycentre isn't that big.
  2. I've met Lidström 3 times. All of them we're after SC wins. 2002 he brought all the "hardware". The conn smythe, Norris and Stanley. After the last SC win I "stalked" Stanley and met Lids, Kronner and Sammy all in 4 days. Also met Patrik Juhlin (played for the Flyers in the mid 90's) we played soccer on the same team when we were young. He and Lids played on the same team (Västerås) in 1990. Edit- forgot to mention that Lids and I went to the same highschool but at that time he hadn't yet reached superstar status!
  3. Ok. Thanks for the info!
  4. Hi! Evan just signed with Västerås (Lidströms team), in the swedish second league, today. I just want to know what you (who has seen him play) think of him. What's his strengths/weaknesses?
  5. Nick has 4 sons: Kevin, Adam, Samuel and Lukas but no daughter. His oldest son is enlisted to go to school in Västerås this fall. It's 10-12:th grade (hockeygymnasium), it's highschool with alot of extra hockey. I don't know if this means that the whole family will move back or only the son or maybe they just applied IF they decide to move back.
  6. Yes! I got the feed to work! Thanks to you who responded. Lets go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for responding! I'll try to use a US proxy and we'll see how it works out.
  8. Thanks, but either I'm a complete computer illiterate (sp?) or it's something else but I can't get the stream to start and I sldo tried 97.1 but I guess because I am located here in Sweden they "said" that I couldn't connect. I'll keep trying.
  9. Help!! Is there somewhere I can stream todays game or atleast listen to it? I'm sitting here in Sweden wondering why our hockeychannel doesn't show it especially with a perfect starting time (at least for us over here). Can someone help me?!!
  11. The wings looked to be in shock after the second goal. I've never seen so many missed passes and "not knowing what to do" ever. C'mon wings show them/me what champions are mede of!!
  12. Awesome watermelon! Lets go Wings!!
  13. Lets go Redwings!!!
  14. lgw

    "QUOTE (87 is the Next One) For me, this is why I hate Detroit. There is one player that I hate more than any other in the entire League. More than that goon Kronwall, more than cocky Osgood, and more than the traitor Hossa: Lidstrom. The guy is more full of himself than any other player (even Osgood!) and his so-called "Norris-winning" shut-down defense consists of nothing more than illegal elbows and goon crosschecks. The only reason he is considered good at all is because as we all know, the refs have it in for Detroit, and he is never called for any of his penalties. If nothing else, even if Pittsburgh does not win, I only wish for one of our guys to put him out of the game, and to put him back in his place. Lidstrom, and his classless European style hockey has no place in this League, and I can only hope that he gets what's coming to him. Ugh... go Pens." HA HA HA HA HA Can't someone help this poor kid out? Tell him that the guy wearing no. 87 is called CROSBY. If "The Next One" and "The should´ve been suspended One" took some lessons from Lidström maybe the Pens could win the Cup sometime in the future (although very doubtful) Lets go Wings
  15. ******* boughyt off, inconsistent m.-f**king refs