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  1. Will the refs be the same? I was at games 1-2 & 6. The Refs at the Joe were ok, but McCreary was brutal last night...there will always be missed and bad calls but he literally put the whistle away when the Pens had the puck. WTF?
  2. My favorite Red Wings Cheerleader...
  3. I have heard several scenarios for the start of the finals...nothing concrete for obvious reasons. Anyone got a link to soemthing credible?
  4. lose a game? Take your foot off an opponents throat? I think not... lets get this thing over with and get ready for the Pens.
  5. If anyone knows how to get in on the Finals Tickets pre-sale today...please send me a PM.
  6. PS

    I am not a photoshop guru...but I took this with my cellphone. My uncle wouldnt let me grab acouple by the throat while wearing my wings jersey...then again, being mean to real ducks wouldnt be cool. or would it?
  7. nice
  8. I have been using free. Sometimes it gets choppy but free is good.
  9. My favorite Cheerleader says Go Wings!!
  10. PS

    I like it...not really in the theme of the thread but definitely cool.
  11. PS

    Yes, yes...these are always great...they make great wall papers on my blackberry.
  12. PS

    My daughter doesnt like Nash either..
  13. nice...