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  1. Wings sporting an ad-badged jersey

    It's just stupid, really. What's the point of having your logo on a practice jersey? Who are they marketing to, the players? That's like selling ads on the boards of your backyard hockey rink.
  2. NBC screwing over hockey fans

    I've thought the preliminary coverage of hockey and curling has been pretty good so far, between USA and CNBC...really it's just some damn boring preliminary games, so it doesn't bother me coming in a few minutes into the game. At least we're seeing them. I haven't missed a game or match yet. I've been more disappointed with the lack of coverage of some of the other sports that I wish I could just sit and watch in full, instead of having to watch the abbreviated NBC "wrap up" show. I'm assuming that you all don't have cable that are complaining about it?
  3. McCarty was bought out by the Wings because of salary cap reasons after the lockout, and then signed as a free agent in Calgary. Failed knowledge.
  4. jack johnson available?

    Keep in mind JJ is only 23. He would still be in Grand Rapids developing if he was part of the Wings system. Cleary was already around 26 when he came to the Wings and had played parts of 7 NHL seasons. They're very different situations. I wouldn't call JJ a fully developed player yet by any means. He still has a ton of time to mature and live up to hype and potential.
  5. Where to buy hockey Merch in Los Angeles?

    Go to Monkeysports or Hockey Giant in Orange County. I usually make a trip out of it and go to both.
  6. Hudler's Arbitration Hearing Today

    Hudler's lack of transparency regarding his KHL contract is what pisses people off. I don't know how you can all be so "UP" on Hudler for the way he handled things. A lot of you are acting as if he's doing the Wings a favor by taking a "leave of absence" because of the tight cap space. The fact is, Hudler didn't make his intentions known while the Wings were letting people like Sammy leave. I imagine, had Holland known that Hudler was taking flight to Russia, he would have made Sammy a bit of a better offer rather than letting those extra goals slip away. Instead, the Wings let Sammy walk and then Hudler announces his KHL contract after he's already filed for arbitration. You can't possibly think this was handled well and be a rational person.
  7. How 'bout them Kings?

    I disagree. I think the Kings are 2-3 years off from really going on a Cup run. This year will probably see them sniff making the playoffs, if not making them as a later seed. The goaltending isn't an issue for them right now. Their defence is going to get a little more experienced and Bernier has some time to develop a bit.
  8. How 'bout them Kings?

    They do have Bernier coming up as well. He'll start to challenge for an NHL job this year or next and will most likely pan out to be a great starter within a few years.
  9. Flyers interested in goaltending Price to Leave Montréal?

    Price needs to get out of Montreal before his career is dead. That organization put way too much pressure on him and he hasn't reacted positively to it. He needs to go to like Atlanta or something where he can get the media out of his grill and get his head straightened out before he winds up going all Jim Carey.
  10. Tomas Kopecky

    Only because he started so strong. He's done jack in his last 15 games, and I think only 1 assist in his last 7 or 8.
  11. Nabokov injured

    Why, exactly? How's that going to help you? It's not like it's going to be some HUGE advantage, so why are you wishing ill for a guy's career? Don't you want the Wings to beat the best, or do you want them to win because all the good players were injured? Why don't we just drop down to the AHL so we can win every game to inferior competition. You're a moron.
  12. Sundin to meet with Ducks' GM Burke

    Wasn't Sundin's whole deal that he wanted to be with a team for the entire season for a Cup run, and that's why he wouldn't waive his NTC last year? So, what's up Mats? The season is over 1/8th old now. This guy is such a phony.
  13. The NHL Should Change the Way it Shows its Games

    Sorry, but I'm not in a game for a camera/directorial performance. I want to see the action, follow the play, and observe what goes on in the game. If I wanted cuts, edits, and up close shakey cam action then I'd go watch a movie about hockey. The camera angles they use may be "cool" at times and in replays, but it's not the best way to watch the overall game.
  14. Ducks Vs. LA

    He didn't play.
  15. upside down Stanley Cup

    I think turning the Cup upside-down before the start of the season will forever become a symbol of repeating as champions.