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  1. puckhead103

    Terry Sawchuk Pics

    i saw that website a million times... i was thinking of old detroit news/free press photos, circa 1950 to 1955..... i don't know if u have access to old photographs from the detroitnews/freep....
  2. puckhead103

    Terry Sawchuk Pics

    i got that abel/sawchuk cup pic...it was taken in 1952.... look only for .jpeg files only....thanks....
  3. puckhead103

    Terry Sawchuk Pics

    looking for sawchuk pics between 1950 to 1955... must be from that year range...no 1957 to 1964 pics nor 1968-1969 pics either...
  4. i am looking for 1984 series between the oilers and flames.... somebody in the scarborough area has the series.... need someone scarborough to tell where the person lives....