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  1. rossco

  2. Will be over from Scotland on the 26th for all the games at Comerica and the WC before catching games in Toledo and the Griffins out at Rockford on my way home. Was all set for last year with flights etc booked so had to alter my plans to become an OHL/AHL road trip.
  3. 3 Days in Detroit - All things Wings?

    I'm over from Scotland for a number of games and will be in town also at that time. On the 7th I'm going to watch the College practice sessions down at Ford Field (open to public) before heading over to Cobo Joe's on the way to the game. I'll probably have lunch down at Cheli's place across from Comerica before I go to the Frozen Four semifinal games on the 8th. Give me a shout if you want to hook up.
  4. NHL Premiere

    I understand they are showing the Hawks/Panthers game from 6pm around the arena which opens at that time. I plan to catch some of that whilst eating. It's been a blast so far with the 2 exhibition games, great city as well.
  5. NHL Premiere

    Doesn't sound like there will be much of a party but I'll be there, going ovr on Tuesday to catch the Blues and Wings games against the club sides before heading to Stockholm for the NHL openers. I think the protocol is to meet behind the Wings bench for warm ups ... just shout if you wanna catch up
  6. 4/9 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Errr ok I got your message now ... 1 month late aint too bad
  7. 4/9 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Anyone with details of feeds for the game please
  8. Wings to Open 09-10 season in Stockholm, Sweden

    Exhibition games for both the Wings and Blues confirmed now as Sept 29th Linkoping v Blues Cloetta Center 7.00pm Sept 30th Farjestad BK v Wings Lofberg Lila Arena Karlstadt 7.00pm Tickets went on sale today, managed to bag one for each , why not make a mini break of it I thought , now all I need is a game for Thursday 1st October ... or a massage ... keep that on the QT from Mrs Rossco
  9. Wings to Open 09-10 season in Stockholm, Sweden

    The earlier talk about an exhibition game in Sweden before the season openers appears to be further advanced. The game is against FBK Färjestad to be played in Karlstad on 30th September. The only problem would appear to be the home clubs possible involvement in Champions League hockey which it has recently qualified for. It means moving dates around which they are talking to the IIHL about but they want this to happen. Here are a couple of articles Just sounds as though official confirmation is all that is required. I'm holding off on making my trip arrangements until this get's confirmed (either way) as it would be a blast to see a match up against a non NHL team, even though it will be highly uncompetitive and probably close to be a reccy game
  10. 3/21/09 Dallas Stars at San Jose Sharks GDT

    Many thanks, you'd think I could work this stuff out myself by now ... lol
  11. 3/21/09 Dallas Stars at San Jose Sharks GDT

    anyone got a feed for this ?
  12. Just bought my tickets to '09 opener in Sweden!

    Yup got me tickets for both games too ... the wait time thing was weird but the system appeared to work better than some other Ticketmaster sites as it actually allocated me the next best ticket without the usual "no seats available" - that saved a bit of time and I got lower bowl by the face off circle rather than centre ice but hey ho Chance for some LGW'rs to hook up perhaps over the weekend ?
  13. Wings to Open 09-10 season in Stockholm, Sweden

    Cool ... that's the first part of my hockey travel for next season sorted then ... just need some favourable scheduling to try to nail some of the 7 remaining NHL arena's that I have to visit
  14. Road Trip

    I'm 115 row GG .. will be wearing a Zetterberg jersey ... not sure that will help