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  1. I have a Russian Fedorov jersey and his name looks more like "PEOBOB" or somethng, if I remember.
  2. How much of that was Torts? I haven't gotten the impression that he's the easiest guy to get along with.
  3. Dang. With the K Wings now in the ECHL, I was hoping to see something come out of that. This holds true to tradition, though.
  4. Ditto.
  5. I feel for you, man. I work in a middle school here in North Carolina and was astounded by how many Pens fans "suddenly appeared" to rub in the loss. Staff and students alike.
  6. He played well with Dats and Z... should be interesting to see if he turns it up or down with the twins.
  7. Exactly. I get the feeling he's throwing out random bones here.
  8. I'm a little nervous about letting Conks go instead of Jimmy...
  9. The Wings "had" a powder blue jersey that was sold for marketing purposes? I haven't seen that. Yuck.
  10. By buddy put it best on my Facebook: it was like he was being forced to watch his girlfriend get defiled
  11. Poetry and truth, all at once. :beerbuddy:
  12. Bingo. Without a doubt.
  13. Perrywinkle, Nancy Boy.
  14. Damn, I wished I had listened (read) all the advice on this topic. I gave into the shop.nhl.com "free personalization" and bought a Holmstrom jersey. Yep, sure as shooting... it's got a nameplate (hello??) and heat-pressed numbers. What a crock.