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  1. Man I wish that Lidstrom guy would just get hurt, then we'd have this series in the bag.
  2. I have to think there's a chance of return this series, if not I doubt they would be so adamant about hiding the injury.
  3. Pat Verbeek basically came here right in between the 98 and 01 cup. I would've liked to see him hoist the cup in red and white.
  4. Burke is a joke...
  5. 1.Ovechkin 2.Crosby 3.Thornton 4.Malkin 5.Datsyuk 6.Zetterberg 7.Lecavlier 8.Spezza 9.Kovalchuck 10.Igilna
  6. At least one of them, very possibly both.
  7. I loved the way Helm played in the pllayoffs and he deserves an NHL spot, but unfortunately he will not be a full time NHLer during the regular the season, and possibly the playoffs.
  8. I don't see this as an issue. I think what people see is that the Red Wings have excellent O, but other teams like Pittsburgh have good offense, but the thing that makes the wings great is that they get shutdown play from all 4 lines night in and night out
  9. The wings powerplay is going to be awesome next year, and think will score about 65 points en route to another norris.
  10. Bure is definately a better goal scorer, but Datsyuk is the more complete player
  11. he'll get his fair shot, bit unless they trade Sammy, he'll spend the year in GR unless injuries open up significant space.
  12. They're one good setup man at center away from making a trip to the postseason.
  13. Homer-Hank-Dats Franz-Flip-Hossa Cleary-Hudler-Sammy Helm-Drapes-Malts I doubt it will happen, but I'd like to trade Sammy, and have Abdelkader, Kopecky, and Leino fight for the spot in camp
  14. I almost felt bad for the Pens, they would've really been under the gun to make a big move if they lost Orpik, at least they won't have too much to worry about in regards to signing Staal.