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  1. OMG... what is wrong with this guy?!? If you sign Smith, you've got DK, E, Kronner, Green and Jensen... so XO & Sproul are out? Not to mention any DEF in GR is left to age like fine wine? It's a little surprising Smith would want to stay somewhere that he gets scratched and plays on the 3rd pair most of his time here. Am I crazy? Feel free to say I am.
  2. This situation concerns me greatly... is it possible Kenny could actually f*ck this up?
  3. I hate to give up on Sheahan, but he's been awful. If Babs wants him and would pony up, I say go for it and start rebuilding. Still think we need a new coach too. I don't hate Blash, but the wheels have fallen off.
  4. Does it say "demanded"? Either way, I thought the kid showed glimpses of being a pretty good forward, but he lost his confidence somewhere along the way. He's extremely talented, but for some reason he didn't seize his opportunity.
  5. We have a bad habit of that under the Kenny Holland administration. Surprised Dan Cleary isn't on the team again. I feel like they've done that to Smith is so ways.
  6. To be fair, the only true measurables for coach are win/losses, possibly GF/GA & Penalty Kill/Power Play. Point being, it's a little more subjective. Not to mention the team generally not playing well or improving in most areas. W/L - 65-56-21 [1-4 Playoffs] GF/GA - 361-402 PP - 18.8% (2015-16) 12.3% (2016-17) [30th] PK - 81.55% (2015-16) 81% (2016-17) [19th]
  7. I think we should keep Howard and move Mrazek if we're going to rebuild, which we should have been doing already. Mrazek has more value right now. Bring Coreau back up and start grooming the goalie of the future (whether they're in the system yet, I have no idea). Jimmy's got 2 years left and I really doubt you get what you want for him, not to mention probably keeping some of his salary. Petr is so inconsistent. He's amazing one minute then lets in a soft goal the next. Realize he's only 25, but I don't think he's elite.
  8. Well, he was ranked 22 out of 30 at the beginning of the season by the Score. I'd say he's definitely bottom 3 to 5 now. He's handled AA, Mantha & Larkin horribly. He definitely is out of his element.
  9. Not trying to be snarky, but no one wants Ericsson or Howard. Trading Nielsen would have to be something Nielsen was interested in or you're killing future FA Signings. Ultimately, Kronwall would need to be okay with LTIR too because he's been here his entire career and been a valuable piece. Part of the draw of the Wings organization has been their loyalty to their players. I think they can still be competitive, loyal and smart at the same time. Lately, Holland hasn't been smart.
  10. This ^^
  11. We're stuck with Kronner & Franzen until 2020 and Zetterberg until 2021. What a cluster bleep. They paid Kindl $2.4 at one point... I'm merely pointing out the absurdity of thinking about resigning him. Holland is a doofus.
  12. Unless Smith takes 3 years @ $2 Million per, we can't afford to sign him. Dekeyser is making $5 Million Ericsson $4.25 Million Smith would want close to Ericsson money.
  13. We're screwed. Holland has mucked up this team so badly, I don't know how you fix it. The only way he can possibly salvage any hope of a brighter future, sooner rather than later, is trading away Smith, Vanek, Green, Tatar/Nyquist and letting the kids play. I almost think trading Mrazek may be necessary. Vegas is not picking up Howard.
  14. ...and this is why I've grown to despise Holland.
  15. I also have no faith in Holland... he disappoints me every year lately. I want to believe, but I fear we'll stand pat.