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  1. ...and this is why I've grown to despise Holland.
  2. I also have no faith in Holland... he disappoints me every year lately. I want to believe, but I fear we'll stand pat.
  3. Personally, I'm not saying Yzerman is the ultimate answer to the teams woes, but it can easily be argued that Holland has not been as successful as Yzerman since 2010.
  4. GM Steve Yzerman: 2010-11 Conference Finals (Lost 3-4 to Boston) 2011-12 Missed Playoffs 2012-13 Missed Playoffs 2013-14 Lost in 1st Round 2014-15 Stanley Cup Finals (lost 2-4 to Chicago) 2015-16 Conference Finals (lost 3-4 Pittsburgh) GM Ken Holland: 2010-11 Conference Semi-Finals (Lost 3-4 to San Jose)* 2011-12 Lost in 1st Round (1-4 to Nashville) 2012-13 Conference Semi-Finals (Lost 3-4 to Chicago)* 2013-14 Lost in 1st Round (1-4 to Boston)* 2014-15 Lost in 1st Round (3-4 to Tampa Bay)* 2015-16 Lost in 1st Round (1-4 to Tampa Bay) *Coached by arguably one of the best coaches in the league, Mike Babcock If you look at young talent joining the Lightning compared to the Wings, plus more aggressive trades along with keeping his talented core, Yzerman is pretty darn good. Kenny isn't the worst, but overpaying our guys coupled with some bad FA's and very weak trades gives Stevie the edge since he began his GM career.
  5. I'll never get the time I wasted reading this "Mickey's Drunk" garbage back... Honestly, I'd say if you don't understand the greatness of Mickey's analysis, you probably haven't been a hockey fan for long enough. There's obviously some nostalgia on my part, but Mickey's an old timer who knows the game and understands it in it's present form and the glory days as well. Nothing like those "old time hockey" stories. Show Mick some respect...
  6. David Legwand only deal for RedWings. No other trades involving Detroit. Helene St. James (@HeleneStJames)
  7. Apparently it wasn't... Nashville didn't think it was more than enough. I think it's a good move. It's a need at this point. Hopefully helps us make the playoffs.
  8. Depends on who the "Prospect" is...
  9. I think they have to have the actual details of the deal turned into the league by 3:00 pm EST... they can keep talking on the phone, but they have to have it turned in to the league.
  10. The Salary Cap plays into all these, "Why didn't we get ___ ?" players as well.
  11. The trade has to be turned into the league before 3:00 pm EST I believe.
  12. Still waiting for Helen St. James to report... "Holland says no moves today."
  13. Not making a move on a day where we've seen so many 3rd-5th round picks going for halfway decent players is what is really pissing me off... Kenny did a lot for this team and I trust him, but you're telling me we can't get something done?
  14. This is why I like what Shero is doing... there was a time it seemed like Kenny made moves to show the team he believed in them and wasn't afraid to go all in to win.
  15. Yes... maybe a 2nd Rounder would do the trick. At least then Pavel has a real scoring threat on his line.