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  1. Jaks19

  2. Brunner's nickname

    In Switzerland it is pronounced Brunner not Broooner.
  3. Swiss League Topscorer Damien Brunner

    Overall I can say that Goalie level here in the Swiss league is above average. Half the league goalies could be starter or backup in the nhl as I watch about 30 games live in the stadium per season. A few words to Damien Brunner. Great stickhandling, shot and speed. But I absolutely don't think he will make his spot in the roster. Arrogant, disrespectful behavior on the ice. Shows no team spirit attitudes. No defense work. Hates body contacts. No leadership in times when team is struggeling. If he is not able to make it within the first two scoring lines he will be crushed in 3rd and 4rd line. And I don't expect him having the patience and stamina to make via the AHL.
  4. Happy Turtle Day

    thanks for investigation - looks awful see him wearing the winged wheel.
  5. Happy Turtle Day

    Well, have a look at the picture. It's from July 2011 and during a hockey camp here in Switzerland. Can anybody explain what the red wings logo and toronto means and why is turtle wearing that stuff???
  6. Why did we let Don MacLean go?

    I saw him playing in Zurich Switzerland as I'm a Season Ticket holder here. He was awful. Very slow and not the expected sniper. As we have just a few spots for foreign players (5) his contract has been released and he headed over to Austria. Just to give you some information about European Hockey. Russia, Sweden and Finland have a stronger league than we here in Sitzerland. I would say we are behind these 3. But Austria is much worse than the Swiss League. All these players are playing in the Swiss League: Josh Holden, Jurai Kolnik, Erik Westrum, Serge Aubin, Jeff Toms, Stacy Roest, Mariusz Czerkawski, Sebastien Bordeleau, Christian Berglund, Domenico Pittis, Hnat Domenichelli, Kirby Law, Alexandre Daigle, Janne Niinimaa, Ramzi Abid, Peter Sejna, Vaclav Varada, Radoslav Suchy, Travis Green and Simon Gamache. Some of you may know them from NHL and AHL.
  7. Downey takes one for the team

    A friend of mine who played in the AHL with Downey told me that he is a very funny guy. Important for a team with his character and always in a good mood!
  8. berts first game in red and white?

  9. Can anybody tell me when was Todd Bertuzzis first game as a red wing?
  10. Kolanos

    Kolanos was not happy in Langnau. And he was not very impressive with his gameplay. I don't know exactly what his problem is. In switzerland it is allowed to have 5 foreign players in a team. It is normal to sign a foreign player before playoffs. The resaon is very simple. If a foreign player is hurt, you have a new guy ready. I guess he will just play in case of injuries or if the team needs a big change during the series.