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    the wings, phantom of the opera, cooking, outdoor sports, wine, microbrews, reading books, nerdy stuff, new jeans, scarves, soup. i'm a very well-rounded package.

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  1. GDT

    Coming out of a longtime hiatus to say, go Wings! No cable and a baby means I'll have to check the box score in the morning, but I'm confident it'll be a good one!
  2. i'd love the PW too, i'm stranded in so-cal and no bar in the area can/will show it. i'm a good secret keeper :)

  3. Coming out of hiding/lurking to join the Game 7 party. The beer is cold and the lucky dinner is hot. No goal prediction, but I am looking forward to what I expect will be a Red Wings victory!
  4. YES
  5. Start texting people you know at the game and tell them to make some freakin noise... the crowd knows we could go to the SCF with the next goal, right?
  6. ozzie! ::jawdrop::
  7. i think their playing shorthanded definitely shows tonight
  8. chelios ughh
  9. My money is on Hossa. He's skating like he wants it.
  10. GDT

    We're going to win, because I'll be there and I'm eating the can't-fail deluxe chicken finger platter at Cobo Joe's beforehand! GO WINGS!
  11. Jealous of all of my LA friends who are there tonight. GO WINGS!
  12. I'll bite and do my part here GO WINGS. Win it for your mamas!
  13. Cobo Joe's is my personal favorite!
  14. bad time to give them and the crowd a little energy. maybe? yes. guess i won't turn this one off early after all!