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  1. Dandenault may hit Waiver Wire

    Good point. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. I always liked him, especially w/him being able to play both forward and "d". That is nice to have in a player once the injuries start to pile up.
  2. Dandenault may hit Waiver Wire

    Who doesn't love Dandy? Bring him back on cheap if possible
  3. Nice red wing article

    Are there really $9 tickets? I bought crappy seats to Wings/Wild in MN and they were about $50.
  4. Chelios is ON FIRE

    I took Chelly in the 14th round of my draft. So keep it up!
  5. Roenick signs one-year deal with Sharks

    Hopefully that will mean we can get a new look @ "Rooming with Roenick" on Centre Ice this year
  6. RedWing letterman type Jacket

    I'm looking for a RedWing Jacket that looks like a letter jacket from high school in a x-large. red body and white sleeves. I'll spend $350. PM me..
  7. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    been along time
  8. 3/9 GDT: Kings @ Red Wings

    lets go Booter! I hope Dan gets his 100th assist
  9. 2/27 GDT: Red Wings @ Blackhawks

    Gotta love the "Lets go Red Wings" chant @ the United Center
  10. 2/27 GDT: Red Wings @ Blackhawks

    Goal Homer!!
  11. Sean Avery on the Trade Market

    I would rather have Avery than Langfeld. A first round maybe because the 'wings are always picking @ the tail end of the 1st round.
  12. Where?

    Western Wisconsin
  13. We'll Trade

    I'd love to see Doug Penner come over as part of any move with the Ducks.
  14. Homeboy

    Doesn't sound like a bad idea he made 1.35 mil last year well with in the 'wings cap. David Legwand from The Hocley News
  15. Is Lang back?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if Lang is playing tonight? Yahoo seems to imply that he is. I thought he was still out for some time. Yahoo! Hockey-Lang